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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Story Pyramid of ME

I was looking through various blogs the other day and saw one whose description mentioned that every life is a story waiting to be told.  Hmm...a story huh?

So the teacher in me came out in full force... I often used a Story Pyramid to help my older students remember a story we've read.

Here is the Story Pyramid of my life:

caring, Christian
always near water
What's this life about?
Raised in very small town.
Married a friend from high school.
Masters Degree in Special Ed and Reading
Beautiful healthy baby girl, what more is needed?

That was kind of fun!  I think (if I ever teach older kids again that is) that I may have them do a story pyramid of their own life at some point in the year! :)

 **Putting this safely into my "teacher bag" to be pulled out if/when needed**

It was kind of hard to determine what to put in and what to leave out when you are limited on words and lines.  For instance...where do I put my running?  I decided that my running wasn't as important to me as the others so that's why I left it out...although it is important to me.  Decisions decisions!

What's your story about?  What would your pyramid look like?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 in Review

I started typing my fist paper for my first master's class of 2009. It was weird putting "2009" on the cover page! I had to pause and double check to make sure that, yep, it really is 2009.

It made me wonder where 2008 went, so I thought that a "Year in Review" might be a good idea.

January: My husband was deployed for the second Christmas season in a row. I wasn't blogging regularly at this point so I don't have any blogs around this time but I do remember being a bit depressed. I also remember having like 20 people in my house for Christmas! I had my biological father, his wife, their son (my 1/2 brother), his wife, and their three children. I also had my biological mother, her husband, their 3 kids (my 1/2 brother and sister and my step-brother), my other brother, his wife, their son. Then there was my sister's best friend Paul, his parents and younger brother. Oh... and me, making 20. I had NEVER had that many people in my house - expecting me to feed them! Luckily, My biological mom and my Bio-dad's wife did chip in a make a few things to bring but I made the ham, and a few sides. Somehow, we made it though the day!

Another huge thing that happened in January was that my father got a life saving bone marrow transplant from a wonderful anonymous donor! 1 year later and Daddy is doing AWESOME!

February: Deployments SUCK! No other way to put it. Being alone often gets to you.

March: Deployments still suck, but you have to suck it up and think about all the wonderful things that you do have, even when you are missing the one you love.

April: Daddy is recovering well and is staying in an apartment near the hospital for regular checkups and blood work. Going to visit him and taking him back and forth to his appointments really makes you think.

May: My husband is finally home, and my little brother graduated from HS and prepared to follow my husband into the US Navy. Both Hubby and I gave him some advice that I hope he listens to. Months later and I can report, some he did listen to, and some...well... hopefully he'll learn from his mistakes :)

June: Summer Break is finally here! YAY More time to get bored, and think about who you really are.

July: Because my dad and my little brother both have Lymphoma, in 2005, I got involved with Team in Training, a group that trains for and run/completes marathons/triathlons/century bike rides while raising money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I had previously felt that training and raising money would be too much for me this year because I'm also working on completing my Master's Degree but after receiving a very upsetting e-mail from a friend of mine telling me that her fiance had been diagnosed with Lymphoma as well, I couldn't keep it on the back burner and I was literally off and running again.

August: One of the hazards of living in Florida is the hurricanes...and this year, the tropical storms got us too!

September: September 11th was very emotional this year.

October: My brother got married! <--Pictures there, but there are even more HERE! I also started my serious attempt to learn how to cook and cooking more often this month.

November: I decided to participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) in honor of my birthday on the last day of November and posted a blog every single day of November! One of the most memorable, and saddest, events was the passing of my Uncle David in early November.

December: December was busy! I decorated the house, Ran 20 Miles, went camping with the in-laws, Thought about my Christmas Wishes, remembered why I can't give up, and thought about the Angles Among Us.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sidiki Conde

Today my school had a very special treat... SIDIKI CONDE! Who is Sidiki Conde you may ask (I know I did). Sidiki is a dancer, singer, and musician from Africa. However, unlike most dancers (and singers and musicians too), Sidiki contracted Polio and lost the use of his legs at the age of 14.

Polio, or any contagious disease, was considered to be bad luck so Sidiki had to go live with his grandfather in a remote village in Western Africa. Upset by the fact that he wasn't going to be able to participate in the Coming of Age Ceremonies if he couldn't dance, he taught himself to dance ON HIS HANDS! Since then, he has formed a group called Tokounou All Abilities Group that travels around the world singing, dancing, and playing music for children and adults encouraging them to overcome any adversity life throws at you.

His performance was nothing short of AMAZING! I have never in my life seen someone so truly happy with how they are despite what could have been a debilitating disability. He spoke to the students about loving yourself the way you are and not giving up on your dreams just because people think you can't accomplish them.

The translations of two of his songs particularly hit me and I'd like to share them with you.


In this world we are many different people We are fine
Some people have no eyes, we are fine
Some people have no ears, we are fine
Some people have no voice, we are fine
Some people have no legs, we are fine
Some people have nothing
Some people have everything

We are fine.


I know you carried me twice:
Once when I was a baby
and again when I could not walk
Thank you Mother
Mother do not cry and do not worry
I am going to make you happy
I am not handicapped
Handicapped is in the mind I can sing and I can dance

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am

I am
A wife
Who loves her husband
And is more proud of him than he will ever know.

I am
A daughter
Who loves her parents
Even when she doesn’t agree with everything they do.

I am
A sister
Who loves all of her brothers and sisters the same
Be they biological, adopted, step, or in-law, we are all family.

I am
A friend
Who will never forget the friends she has left behind
Even though she doesn’t keep in contact as much as she really should.

I am
A teacher
Who loves and cares about her students
Even the ones other people have written off as impossible.

I am
A Christian
Who believes with all her heart
But doesn't always like the alarm clock on Sunday Mornings.

I am
A student
Who is making straight A’s
And wonders how I’m getting better grades now than I did in my undergrad.

I am
An athlete
Who loves being active and in shape
But gets lazy and doesn’t work out when she should.

I am
A dog lover
Who instead has a cat
That thinks it's a dog and is the coolest cat in the world.

I am
A girl
Who knows exactly what she wants
But can’t make a decision on where to eat or what to wear.

I am
And wonder if anyone will read this
But I'm going to post it anyway :)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Face Your Pocket

I saw a link to this website the other day and thought it was interesting. Granted I can’t read Russian (Maybe my cousin Jennifer could help me out with that), but on the English version it says that it is a project to gather pictures of people putting random things that they carry around with them, either in their pockets or purses, on their scanner then putting their faces on the scanner as well, so I thought I would give it a try. I decided to dig around in my purse and see what I found that may (or may not) be interesting. Does it give some deeper insight into my life or personality? Who knows, but I was bored and this is what I did instead of my Linguistics homework (Maybe Cousin Jennifer could help me with that too!).
Let's see, I have my squished face, the wallet my sailor hubby gave me, 3 tubes of lipstick, a 500 yen coin, 4 huge safety pins, a dollar bill (all the American money I had), my thumb drive, BC Headache medicine, moist towelette, a kaeru (means both "frog" and "return" in Japanese. It is supposed to bring a traveler safely home), butterfly clip, hair tie, sharpie pen, and 3 patriotic charms. What can it all mean? Anyone have any great insight into me now, other than I must have a cluttered purse and I'm broke? Perhaps there is a reason that my thumb drive with all my my graduate stuff from all my classes so far is above my head next to the headache powder? Things that make ya go Hmmmmm.....

Now that I'm done with this I guess it is on with the homework. It isn't really that hard, I like the class actually, just needed a brain break and thought this would be fun!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Things that make me smile:

  • My daddy's laugh.

  • My nephews' laugh.

  • Finishing a good long run (or swim or bike…)

  • Getting flowers for no reason.

  • Hearing "Faithfully" by Journey

  • The Princess Bride

  • The last day of school

  • Looking through my travel photos

  • "Buttercup"

  • Getting a great new outfit that fits perfect and makes my ass look good!

  • A good movie on TV with no commercials.

  • Chocolate milk

  • Roller coasters

  • A good book and a bubble bath

  • The first shallow dive into the water

  • Feeling loved

  • Banana peppers, cheese, and crackers

Memories that make me smile:

  • Eating icicles off of the orange trees after a freeze.

  • Hanging with the Boogiemen at Harpoon's.

  • Hitting Toxic Hell after a swim meet.

  • My wedding.

  • Bruchetta.

  • The day before my 26th birthday.

  • Road Trip!

  • Japan

  • Crossing the finish line for the first time, and the second, third, fourth…

  • Fairies on the bathroom wall.

  • "I tied Nicole up last night" (NOT how it sounds lmao)

  • Making cookies with Grandma

  • The kid's table at Christmas/Thanksgiving (I finally had to graduate to the adults table this year)

  • Busch Gardens/Ybor weekends

  • The eclipse

  • Big, sweeping me off my feet and spinning me around hugs

  • My bachelorette party

  • Walking out of sucky movies

  • "Molly killed the cat!"

  • Victory parties…all of them

  • Horseback riding

  • Sitting in the back corner of Mr. McCormack's class in HIgh School w/Megan and Sara passing notes under the door

  • All my friends that I miss…