Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten over Ten on the Tenth of the Tenth of the Tenth (plus ten)

10 photos
over 10 hours
on the 10th day
of the 10th month
of the 10th year of this century
(plus 10 things I'm thankful for)

(Want to join in all the Foto Phun?  Simply head over to 10 on 10,
 take ten photos on the tenth of each month,  and share them! 

1. Good Morning, Mommy! 7:30am

2. Scripture lesson at church 8:30am

3. Scripture lesson at Sunday School 9:30am

4. Yummy lunch of chicken, green beans, and Mandarin oranges :)
(Not sure why it is sideways) 11:00

5. Getting ready for a Dr. Seuss party that you
could not,
would not
want to miss! 

6. All the new shoes Daddy bought.  Notice the camo boots!  1:00pm
7. Shelf above the TV - Grandma and Grandpa (I hate that there is a glare over Grandma, she was a BEAUTIFUL woman, inside and out), Hubby and I on our wedding, and our nephew along with all of the Challenge Coins that Hubby has acquired.  2:00pm

8. Grandma's China (yes, a beautiful woman had beautiful things :) ) 3:00pm

9. Night vision caught Daddy napping and Baby Girl eating crackers in bed! 4:00pm

10.  Mmmmmmm  Sippy cup!  4:45pm

 Ten things I am thankful for:
My friend Elizabeth posted 10 things she was thankful for in honor of 10-10-10 and Canadian Thanksgiving so I thought I would too!
  1. A wonderful year with my beautiful baby girl who is having her first birthday on Tuesday.
  2. Finding a church where I feel welcome and "home."
  3. A loving husband who does all that he can to support.
  4. Having bills to complain about (If I had no bills then that would mean I would have no home, water, electricity, food, many in the world don't).
  5. The wonderfully cool weather that has finally hit Florida.
  6. Having not only one family but many incredible groups that I call family (in-laws, adoptive, biological, step)
  7. My books.  I love being able to briefly escape into a world of imagination that isn't my real life.
  8. Family and friends that I know will always be there for me no matter what.
  9. My health.  So many don't have the luxury of good health.
  10. Diet Coke...yummmmm  :)