Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Menu Planning

I haven't done a formal menu planning in a long time because Hubby usually does most of the cooking and/or things have been busy and we don't know what we are doing until we actually do it.  However, this week it will just be Baby Girl and I on our own, so it is up to me to get back into the kitchen!

Monday: Broccoli, Ham,and Cheese Casserole
Tuesday: Happy Birthday to Me!!  My friends are taking me out - Yum! :)
Wednesday: Salsa Chicken, Cucumber Salad
Thursday: Pita Pizzas, salad
Friday: Sweet and Spicy Sausage, veggie and ranch dip
Saturday: C.O.R.N*
Sunday: Probably grab something on the way home from the airport after picking Hubby up.

Way back when (When I actually kept up with my blog), I would reflect not only on my food choices but also my exercise for the past and upcoming here goes:

Last week I didn't do much throughout the week with Thanksgiving and all -- plus I was tapering for a half marathon that was yesterday.  So I only did 2.5 miles midweek... then ran 13.1 on Sunday!

As for my workouts this coming week...I'm going to play it by ear.  I want to make sure my body has plenty of time to recoperate and heal from the half marathon yesterday.  I may do a few short, easy runs later in the week.  Once I feel back up to par, I want to start with my 100 pushups, 200 situps, and 200 squats programs again.  But that may have to wait unil next week!

*C.O.R.N. = Clean Out the Refridgerator Night

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Space Coast 1/2 Marathon

This morning I did my first running event since finding out I was pregnant almost 2 years ago.

At the end of last school year, my friend and co-worker LeAnn came up to me and told me that one of her "bucket list" items was to run a half marathon and asked if I could guide her.  I did one better, I told her I'd do it with her...

and so our training began!

I started her off with the Couch to 5K program, and since I was so far out of the running loop as well, I did it too.  Then we progressed on to an actual half marathon training program....but I went and got SICK SICK SICK for 3 weeks leaving me only 2 weeks until race day.

Race day = TODAY!

It was a beautiful...albeit EARLY... morning!  LeAnn and her husband picked me up around 4:45am (Hubby and Baby Girl were going to meet us up there a little later) so we had plenty of time to stretch and get psyched up for the big blastoff (It was space themed for the SPACE coast...what do you expect other than a "3...2...1...BLASTOFF" kind of start?).

We were feeling fantastic and hit the halfway mark before we even knew it!  We even saw some dolphins jumping in the river which we took as a good luck sign :)

We were doing great until the last mile and a half...then all of a sudden my calf seized up on me in a massive cramp!!!  OUCH!!  I slowed to a walk for the first time just before the 12 mile mark, then stopped outright to give it a good stretch before toughing it out for the last mile.  LeAnn never stopped but did slow down enough for me to catch up to her (she was afraid that if she stopped, her legs would refuse to start again -- I can't blame her!!)

At the very end she and I broke into an all out sprint (which after 13 miles isn't very sprinty but we felt like it was!).  She finished seconds ahead of me (which I will publicly say is because of my calf, however the truth is I think she had more in her than I did at the end, plus she had the adrenaline of knowing her first marathon medal was waiting on her!).

It was an awesome run and I am so proud of LeAnn!!!  We have decided that we want to sign up for another one in late February!!

LeAnn and I with our new bling
Baby Girl and I after a sweaty reunion

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten on Ten November

I took these on the 10th ...then got sick and didn't get a chance to post them so I am posting them now...On the 12th :)

There was a boil water warning in the area that my school is in so I took some of our Hurricane water to school for my kiddos to drink (Hurrican season is almost over anyway - only a few more weeks!)

Getting Dressed.  Since there is no school on Veteran's Day, we are celebrating today so of course I had to wear my Navy Bear pin! :)

The beads I wore (and played with) all day too.

In Social Studies we were talking about the Incas who used runners to deliver messages over long streaches of land.  To demonstrate it (and to just get outside for a while) I took my class outside to do a running telephone game where they all streached out and carried a question from me to the last person and then returned the answer to me.  While outsied one of my boys found a feather.

My husband, a Navy Vet, came to school to talk to the older kids about what it is like to be in the service, some of his experiance, and what Veteran's day and the flag mean to him.  Here, he is letting on of the girls try on his body armor.

Home again :)  And I wondered why my glasses always have little fingerprints on them!

One of the cute little birdies on one of my daughter's pillows

Dinner time!  Yummy cheesey chicken and noodles with peas

I love cheese!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Please remember all the vets who have made our way of life possible. Without these brave souls, we wouldn't have may not have many of the simple pleasures we take for granted every day.
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