Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten on Ten November

I took these on the 10th ...then got sick and didn't get a chance to post them so I am posting them now...On the 12th :)

There was a boil water warning in the area that my school is in so I took some of our Hurricane water to school for my kiddos to drink (Hurrican season is almost over anyway - only a few more weeks!)

Getting Dressed.  Since there is no school on Veteran's Day, we are celebrating today so of course I had to wear my Navy Bear pin! :)

The beads I wore (and played with) all day too.

In Social Studies we were talking about the Incas who used runners to deliver messages over long streaches of land.  To demonstrate it (and to just get outside for a while) I took my class outside to do a running telephone game where they all streached out and carried a question from me to the last person and then returned the answer to me.  While outsied one of my boys found a feather.

My husband, a Navy Vet, came to school to talk to the older kids about what it is like to be in the service, some of his experiance, and what Veteran's day and the flag mean to him.  Here, he is letting on of the girls try on his body armor.

Home again :)  And I wondered why my glasses always have little fingerprints on them!

One of the cute little birdies on one of my daughter's pillows

Dinner time!  Yummy cheesey chicken and noodles with peas

I love cheese!!



Kwizgiver said...

What great photos. I especially love the little fingerprints picture.


Kim said...

I love all the little hand pictures! Love that you did it on Veteran's Day instead.

l'empress said...

Please don't get sick again. You have some great pictures!

{{The Mingling Empress}}

Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

Very cute pin, but even cuter daughter!

I love these 10 in 10 or 12 of 12 posts that people do