Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I can't find my Wagon

I fell off my wagon and I can’t seem to find it now :( If you see it please let me know so I can climb back on.

It’s a cute little wagon, purple of course, and it is filled with "good-for-me" foods like fruits, veggies, and whole grains, my running shoes were in there along with my pink heart Speedo, swim cap, goggles, bike helmet and gloves, and a few other workout-related items. I believe it even had a set of free weights in it and probably a thing of Biofreeze too. I’m not real sure but I think I once saw a tae-bo DVD in there somewhere.

I thought I saw it rolling down the street not too long ago so I put down my 3rd slice of extra cheese and pepperoni pizza to chase after it, but found there was a quarter pounder with cheese tied to each leg slowing me down. I then got a cramp because I tried to use muscles I hadn’t used in a while - the running ones. I was quite upset that I couldn’t get to my wagon, but luckily Ben and Jerry were there to comfort me.

I planned to look for it yesterday, but then I didn’t want to run late for my friend’s son’s 12th birthday. I mean...the kid’s only going to turn 12 once right? And it would be rude not to eat the ice cream and cake that this adorable new 12 year old handed me. By then it was too dark to look for that wagon (It doesn’t come equip with lights after all).

Please, if you see my wagon, hold it down so that I can climb back on. I bought some seat belts to install on it this time to prevent this slippage next time!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Things that make me smile:

  • My daddy's laugh.

  • My nephews' laugh.

  • Finishing a good long run (or swim or bike…)

  • Getting flowers for no reason.

  • Hearing "Faithfully" by Journey

  • The Princess Bride

  • The last day of school

  • Looking through my travel photos

  • "Buttercup"

  • Getting a great new outfit that fits perfect and makes my ass look good!

  • A good movie on TV with no commercials.

  • Chocolate milk

  • Roller coasters

  • A good book and a bubble bath

  • The first shallow dive into the water

  • Feeling loved

  • Banana peppers, cheese, and crackers

Memories that make me smile:

  • Eating icicles off of the orange trees after a freeze.

  • Hanging with the Boogiemen at Harpoon's.

  • Hitting Toxic Hell after a swim meet.

  • My wedding.

  • Bruchetta.

  • The day before my 26th birthday.

  • Road Trip!

  • Japan

  • Crossing the finish line for the first time, and the second, third, fourth…

  • Fairies on the bathroom wall.

  • "I tied Nicole up last night" (NOT how it sounds lmao)

  • Making cookies with Grandma

  • The kid's table at Christmas/Thanksgiving (I finally had to graduate to the adults table this year)

  • Busch Gardens/Ybor weekends

  • The eclipse

  • Big, sweeping me off my feet and spinning me around hugs

  • My bachelorette party

  • Walking out of sucky movies

  • "Molly killed the cat!"

  • Victory parties…all of them

  • Horseback riding

  • Sitting in the back corner of Mr. McCormack's class in HIgh School w/Megan and Sara passing notes under the door

  • All my friends that I miss…