Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alzheimer's Memory Walk 2010

Granny Jo, Poppa Harold, and my Baby Girl
 My Granny Jo has Alzheimer's Disease.

That's a harder sentence to write than you might imagine.  It's hard to accept.

I haven't known my Granny Jo my entire life, in fact, I've not even known her half of my life yet (almost, but not quite).  I met her for the first time when I was 18 years old.

You see, I was adopted at birth because my biological mother was very young and knew that she didn't have the means to care for me.  Granny Jo is my biological mother's mother.  My biological maternal grandmother.

The fact that I have only known Granny Jo for not quite 15 years rather than my entire life doesn't change the way I feel about her.  She is a fantastic woman who is full of life and love, and a very healthy helping of wit. The type of woman I hope to become.

However, the Alzheimer's is changing all of that.  I have seen Granny Jo go from a sharp witty woman, to one who is forgetful and confused.  I have seen her distress over simple things that she knows that she should know, but can't quite figure out.  I have seen the pain on my Poppa Harold's face as he watches his beautiful wife change before his eyes.  I have seen the tears in my biological mother's eyes as she watches her loving mother slowly forget her life.

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's diseaseImage via Wikipedia
PET Scan of human brain w/Alzheimer's Disease
 I have seen the confusion in my Granny Jo's eyes as she looks at my baby daughter and tries to remember who she is.

It is painful for all involved.

My sister and I are determined to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. By participating the 2010 Central Florida Memory Walk®, we're committed to raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer research, care and support.

Currently more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's, and 78 million baby boomers are at risk – unless we find a way to change the course of this disease.

Please take a few minutes to visit my secure donation website and make a small contribution.  Even a few dollars will go a long way towards helping to find a cure for this horrible disease.

More Information:
Drawing comparing how a brain of an Alzheimer ...Image via Wikipedia
Alzheimer's disease - MRI (dumb version)Image via Wikipedia

Super Saturday #13

Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to change Fitness Fridays to Super Saturdays because I just can't seem to find the time on Friday's to blog anymore.  I  love my job but I get so spoiled in the summer!
Weigh in:
Dear Bathroom Scale,
I suck, I know :(  I didn't come by last week and this week wasn't so great either.  The good news though is that I think I can see a light in the tunnel...  yep, it's there...I can see it...
Your pal,

The last few weeks haven't been the greatest on my get-back-in-shape goals.  Baby Girl got sick (strep throat), work was hectic, and a few more excuses.  Yes, I know most of them are just that...excuses... and there is no excuse for not taking care of myself, not eating right, not exercising...

The scale this morning was back up to 189 :(

Last week's goals:
Well, last week I didn't really have any goals so I'll go back to the week before last...

:-/ Since I did manage to go grocery shopping, I will bring healthy food for lunch Tues-Fri (Monday is an inservice day and 15 of us from my school are going to a science day at NASA so we are going to eat there) I can't remember last week, but this past week I didn't do so well on this.  I brought my lunch once, left it at work so I didn't have my lunchbox the following day, and one day I ran out so quick (running late) that I forgot to pack it, and one day I packed it but left it on the kitchen counter.  However, I mostly chose healthy foods in the cafeteria like spinach salad and tuna.

:-( Follow my training plan for workouts I walked a few time but I haven't run at all.  I planned to this morning but I woke up with a headache.  It's starting to let go so hopefully I can go run before it gets too hot.

:-( Do squats/sit ups/push ups for some cross training Didn't do these either.

:-/ Stop munching on the snacks that I give to the students (usually pretzels/crackers/etc but I will sit and mindlessly munch if I'm not careful) I decided to ease out of supplying snacks for my kids.  They can still bring in a snack to eat but I won't supply it for them.  This cut down on some of my snacking but I still have a bag of treats for the *extra special* rewards behind my desk.
This week's goals:
I'm going for the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) approach this week...
  1. Exercise!
  2. Eat right!

What I'm reading:

I finally managed to finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) and I am barely on the first few pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3).  Maybe I'll get through them all before the last movie comes out...maybe lol

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Bathroom Scale,
I didn't forget you this week...  I...  Uhhh... I thought I'd give you a break from having to put up with me.  Yeah, that's it :)

 I didn't weigh in this week, because, I honestly did forget until right now!  Oops. 

I guess though, that isn't really a bad thing.  It means that my weight isn't top priority in my mind.  I'm not dwelling on it and I'm not letting it bother me so much.  I'll weigh one morning soon...if I think about it ;)

Last Week's Goals:

:) My top priority this week is to GET WELL! Without that, the others just don't seem to matter as much. Well that is one accomplished!  I think everyone in the house is finally back to normal and the sickness has left the building!

:) If I am able to get better, I do hope to get in at least 2 runs this week.  I started following my 12 week training plan so I actually ran Tuesday (2 miles), Thursday (2.32 miles), and Saturday (3 miles)

:( as well as incorporate my sit ups, push ups, and squats again 3X's I didn't get in any squats/sit ups/push ups but I did walk several times this week with the family

:) Drink plenty of water I took and filled my water bottle several times during he day :)

:/ Pack/eat healthier foods I didn't pack my lunch at all this week - didn't go grocery shopping until Friday- but I did try to choose healthier foods in the cafeteria at lunch like Spinach salad with tuna 2 days, and baked chicken another...oh and there was that one day that I grabbed the veggie pizza (but hey, my choices were veggie pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, or something-that-almost-looks-like-a-hamburger-if-you-squint).

This Week's Goals:
  1. Since I did manage to go grocery shopping, I will bring healthy food for lunch Tues-Fri (Monday is an inservice day and 15 of us from my school are going to a science day at NASA so we are going to eat there)
  2. Follow my training plan for workouts
  3. Do squats/sit ups/push ups for some cross training
  4. Stop munching on the snacks that I give to the students (usually pretzels/crackers/etc but I will sit and mindlessly munch if I'm not careful)

Currently Reading:
I'm still working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2).  I just haven't had time to read much this week.  However, I am starting to be able to see over the mountain of paperwork on my desk and there is a light at the end of the tunnel - and the tunnel is ending pretty quick

Here is a 2 sentence teaser from the page I am currently on:
" 'If I'd sprouted whiskers, I'd take a break from work,' said Ron, tipping a stack of books onto Hermione's bedside table one evening.
     'Don't be silly, Ron, I've got to keep up,' said Hermione briskly.' "

Monday, September 6, 2010

12 week 1/2 marathon training plan

A friend of mine and I have decided to run a local 1/2 marathon in November.  It will be her first 1/2 marathon so I am trying to help her out with the training.  I am NOT a coach, just a friend with a little bit more experience than she has at running endurance races, so I came up with this 12 week 1/2 marathon training program (OK, so I modified it from one I found online to suit our needs)

I appreciate any advice/criticism/critiques from any more experience than I:

Week- Monday- Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday- Friday -Saturday -Sunday

1 (Sept 6-12)- Rest -2 mi- Rest- 2.5 mi- Rest -3 mi -2 mi EZ

2 (Sept 13-19)- Rest -2 miles- Rest- 3 mi- CT or Rest- 4 mi -2.5 mi EZ

3 (Sept 20-26)- Rest- 2.5 mi- CT- 3 mi- Rest -5 mi -2 mi EZ

4 (Sept 27-0ct 3)- Rest- 3 mi- CT- 4 mi -Rest --6 mi 3 mi EZ

5 (Oct 4-10) -Rest -3 mi- CT -3 mi- Rest -7 mi- 3 mi EZ

6 (Oct 11-17)- Rest- 4 mi- CT- 4 mi- Rest- 8 mi- 3 mi EZ

7 (Oct 18-24)- Rest -4 mi -Rest- 4 mi- CT- 9 mi- 3 mi EZ

8 (Oct 25-31)- Rest- 4 mi -CT -3 mi- Rest -10 mi- 3 mi EZ

9 (Nov 1-7)- Rest- 5 mi -CT -4 mi- Rest -11 mi -Rest

10 (Nov 8-14)- 3 mi EZ- 4 mi- Rest- 3 mi- CT- 12 mi- 3 mi EZ

11 (Nov 15-21)- Rest- CT- Rest- 3 mi -CT -5 mi- 2.5 mi EZ

12 (Nov 22-28) -Rest -2 mi- 20 minutes -Rest- 20 minutes- Rest- Race Day!

Thoughts?  Comments? Advice? 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fitness Friday #11


Dear Bathroom scale,
It's been a while, my old friend.  I've seen you often as I've run to and from the bathroom but I have not had the time to spend with you lately.  We have to catch up!  I promise I won't get you sick...I'll spray you down with Lysol!
Your Pal,


WHoooo HOooo!!  I've lost again, though again, it wasn't the way that I had hoped to lose.  I have been off and on sick for the past 2 weeks - had to call in to work again this morning.  Baby Girl and I seem to be passing the same bug back and forth which makes for a very unhappy momma! I didn't always eat right as I was usually wanting comfort food and I didn't exercise AT ALL because well... I couldn't do much other than print to the bathroom :(

Last Week's Goals/Results:

I didn't do Fitness Friday last week due to being ill so I have no goals to report on.  I did however, manage to survive...which is always goal #1!

This Week's Goals:

My top priority this week is to GET WELL!  Without that, the others just don't seem to matter as much.

If I am able to get better, I do hope to get in at least 2 runs this week

as well as incorporate my sit ups, push ups, and squats again 3X's

Drink plenty of water

Pack/eat healthier foods

Currently Reading:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I finished The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 5) which concluded the Percy Jackson series and moved on to my  OCD reading of all the Harry Potter Books prior to a new movie coming out.  I have to get them all done again by the time the first of the last movies comes out on November 19, 2010 :)
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have time for another quick update...

but just a quick one.

There has been a sickness going around my house and it seems tohave hit us all - even Baby Girl :(  The only thing worse than being sick is seeing your baby sick too. 

I've not been running, or even working out much the last 2 weeks.  I've been trying to eat right, but it hasn't always happened as no one around here feels much like cooking so we resort to frozen dinner or take-out.

I haven't weighed myself in a while either but I will try to get back on track and weigh again on Friday and get back to running and woring out.

On a good note, my principal interviewed teachers on Tuesday, but I'm not sure how it went. (I wasn't at school yesterday or today because Baby Girl is sick and can't go to the sitter.  I missed a few days last week because I was sick).