Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Menu Planning

I haven't done a formal menu planning in a long time because Hubby usually does most of the cooking and/or things have been busy and we don't know what we are doing until we actually do it.  However, this week it will just be Baby Girl and I on our own, so it is up to me to get back into the kitchen!

Monday: Broccoli, Ham,and Cheese Casserole
Tuesday: Happy Birthday to Me!!  My friends are taking me out - Yum! :)
Wednesday: Salsa Chicken, Cucumber Salad
Thursday: Pita Pizzas, salad
Friday: Sweet and Spicy Sausage, veggie and ranch dip
Saturday: C.O.R.N*
Sunday: Probably grab something on the way home from the airport after picking Hubby up.

Way back when (When I actually kept up with my blog), I would reflect not only on my food choices but also my exercise for the past and upcoming here goes:

Last week I didn't do much throughout the week with Thanksgiving and all -- plus I was tapering for a half marathon that was yesterday.  So I only did 2.5 miles midweek... then ran 13.1 on Sunday!

As for my workouts this coming week...I'm going to play it by ear.  I want to make sure my body has plenty of time to recoperate and heal from the half marathon yesterday.  I may do a few short, easy runs later in the week.  Once I feel back up to par, I want to start with my 100 pushups, 200 situps, and 200 squats programs again.  But that may have to wait unil next week!

*C.O.R.N. = Clean Out the Refridgerator Night

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Space Coast 1/2 Marathon

This morning I did my first running event since finding out I was pregnant almost 2 years ago.

At the end of last school year, my friend and co-worker LeAnn came up to me and told me that one of her "bucket list" items was to run a half marathon and asked if I could guide her.  I did one better, I told her I'd do it with her...

and so our training began!

I started her off with the Couch to 5K program, and since I was so far out of the running loop as well, I did it too.  Then we progressed on to an actual half marathon training program....but I went and got SICK SICK SICK for 3 weeks leaving me only 2 weeks until race day.

Race day = TODAY!

It was a beautiful...albeit EARLY... morning!  LeAnn and her husband picked me up around 4:45am (Hubby and Baby Girl were going to meet us up there a little later) so we had plenty of time to stretch and get psyched up for the big blastoff (It was space themed for the SPACE coast...what do you expect other than a "3...2...1...BLASTOFF" kind of start?).

We were feeling fantastic and hit the halfway mark before we even knew it!  We even saw some dolphins jumping in the river which we took as a good luck sign :)

We were doing great until the last mile and a half...then all of a sudden my calf seized up on me in a massive cramp!!!  OUCH!!  I slowed to a walk for the first time just before the 12 mile mark, then stopped outright to give it a good stretch before toughing it out for the last mile.  LeAnn never stopped but did slow down enough for me to catch up to her (she was afraid that if she stopped, her legs would refuse to start again -- I can't blame her!!)

At the very end she and I broke into an all out sprint (which after 13 miles isn't very sprinty but we felt like it was!).  She finished seconds ahead of me (which I will publicly say is because of my calf, however the truth is I think she had more in her than I did at the end, plus she had the adrenaline of knowing her first marathon medal was waiting on her!).

It was an awesome run and I am so proud of LeAnn!!!  We have decided that we want to sign up for another one in late February!!

LeAnn and I with our new bling
Baby Girl and I after a sweaty reunion

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten on Ten November

I took these on the 10th ...then got sick and didn't get a chance to post them so I am posting them now...On the 12th :)

There was a boil water warning in the area that my school is in so I took some of our Hurricane water to school for my kiddos to drink (Hurrican season is almost over anyway - only a few more weeks!)

Getting Dressed.  Since there is no school on Veteran's Day, we are celebrating today so of course I had to wear my Navy Bear pin! :)

The beads I wore (and played with) all day too.

In Social Studies we were talking about the Incas who used runners to deliver messages over long streaches of land.  To demonstrate it (and to just get outside for a while) I took my class outside to do a running telephone game where they all streached out and carried a question from me to the last person and then returned the answer to me.  While outsied one of my boys found a feather.

My husband, a Navy Vet, came to school to talk to the older kids about what it is like to be in the service, some of his experiance, and what Veteran's day and the flag mean to him.  Here, he is letting on of the girls try on his body armor.

Home again :)  And I wondered why my glasses always have little fingerprints on them!

One of the cute little birdies on one of my daughter's pillows

Dinner time!  Yummy cheesey chicken and noodles with peas

I love cheese!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Please remember all the vets who have made our way of life possible. Without these brave souls, we wouldn't have may not have many of the simple pleasures we take for granted every day.
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten over Ten on the Tenth of the Tenth of the Tenth (plus ten)

10 photos
over 10 hours
on the 10th day
of the 10th month
of the 10th year of this century
(plus 10 things I'm thankful for)

(Want to join in all the Foto Phun?  Simply head over to 10 on 10,
 take ten photos on the tenth of each month,  and share them! 

1. Good Morning, Mommy! 7:30am

2. Scripture lesson at church 8:30am

3. Scripture lesson at Sunday School 9:30am

4. Yummy lunch of chicken, green beans, and Mandarin oranges :)
(Not sure why it is sideways) 11:00

5. Getting ready for a Dr. Seuss party that you
could not,
would not
want to miss! 

6. All the new shoes Daddy bought.  Notice the camo boots!  1:00pm
7. Shelf above the TV - Grandma and Grandpa (I hate that there is a glare over Grandma, she was a BEAUTIFUL woman, inside and out), Hubby and I on our wedding, and our nephew along with all of the Challenge Coins that Hubby has acquired.  2:00pm

8. Grandma's China (yes, a beautiful woman had beautiful things :) ) 3:00pm

9. Night vision caught Daddy napping and Baby Girl eating crackers in bed! 4:00pm

10.  Mmmmmmm  Sippy cup!  4:45pm

 Ten things I am thankful for:
My friend Elizabeth posted 10 things she was thankful for in honor of 10-10-10 and Canadian Thanksgiving so I thought I would too!
  1. A wonderful year with my beautiful baby girl who is having her first birthday on Tuesday.
  2. Finding a church where I feel welcome and "home."
  3. A loving husband who does all that he can to support.
  4. Having bills to complain about (If I had no bills then that would mean I would have no home, water, electricity, food, many in the world don't).
  5. The wonderfully cool weather that has finally hit Florida.
  6. Having not only one family but many incredible groups that I call family (in-laws, adoptive, biological, step)
  7. My books.  I love being able to briefly escape into a world of imagination that isn't my real life.
  8. Family and friends that I know will always be there for me no matter what.
  9. My health.  So many don't have the luxury of good health.
  10. Diet Coke...yummmmm  :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Alzheimer's Memory Walk 2010

Granny Jo, Poppa Harold, and my Baby Girl
 My Granny Jo has Alzheimer's Disease.

That's a harder sentence to write than you might imagine.  It's hard to accept.

I haven't known my Granny Jo my entire life, in fact, I've not even known her half of my life yet (almost, but not quite).  I met her for the first time when I was 18 years old.

You see, I was adopted at birth because my biological mother was very young and knew that she didn't have the means to care for me.  Granny Jo is my biological mother's mother.  My biological maternal grandmother.

The fact that I have only known Granny Jo for not quite 15 years rather than my entire life doesn't change the way I feel about her.  She is a fantastic woman who is full of life and love, and a very healthy helping of wit. The type of woman I hope to become.

However, the Alzheimer's is changing all of that.  I have seen Granny Jo go from a sharp witty woman, to one who is forgetful and confused.  I have seen her distress over simple things that she knows that she should know, but can't quite figure out.  I have seen the pain on my Poppa Harold's face as he watches his beautiful wife change before his eyes.  I have seen the tears in my biological mother's eyes as she watches her loving mother slowly forget her life.

PET scan of a human brain with Alzheimer's diseaseImage via Wikipedia
PET Scan of human brain w/Alzheimer's Disease
 I have seen the confusion in my Granny Jo's eyes as she looks at my baby daughter and tries to remember who she is.

It is painful for all involved.

My sister and I are determined to make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. By participating the 2010 Central Florida Memory Walk®, we're committed to raising awareness and funds for Alzheimer research, care and support.

Currently more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's, and 78 million baby boomers are at risk – unless we find a way to change the course of this disease.

Please take a few minutes to visit my secure donation website and make a small contribution.  Even a few dollars will go a long way towards helping to find a cure for this horrible disease.

More Information:
Drawing comparing how a brain of an Alzheimer ...Image via Wikipedia
Alzheimer's disease - MRI (dumb version)Image via Wikipedia

Super Saturday #13

Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to change Fitness Fridays to Super Saturdays because I just can't seem to find the time on Friday's to blog anymore.  I  love my job but I get so spoiled in the summer!
Weigh in:
Dear Bathroom Scale,
I suck, I know :(  I didn't come by last week and this week wasn't so great either.  The good news though is that I think I can see a light in the tunnel...  yep, it's there...I can see it...
Your pal,

The last few weeks haven't been the greatest on my get-back-in-shape goals.  Baby Girl got sick (strep throat), work was hectic, and a few more excuses.  Yes, I know most of them are just that...excuses... and there is no excuse for not taking care of myself, not eating right, not exercising...

The scale this morning was back up to 189 :(

Last week's goals:
Well, last week I didn't really have any goals so I'll go back to the week before last...

:-/ Since I did manage to go grocery shopping, I will bring healthy food for lunch Tues-Fri (Monday is an inservice day and 15 of us from my school are going to a science day at NASA so we are going to eat there) I can't remember last week, but this past week I didn't do so well on this.  I brought my lunch once, left it at work so I didn't have my lunchbox the following day, and one day I ran out so quick (running late) that I forgot to pack it, and one day I packed it but left it on the kitchen counter.  However, I mostly chose healthy foods in the cafeteria like spinach salad and tuna.

:-( Follow my training plan for workouts I walked a few time but I haven't run at all.  I planned to this morning but I woke up with a headache.  It's starting to let go so hopefully I can go run before it gets too hot.

:-( Do squats/sit ups/push ups for some cross training Didn't do these either.

:-/ Stop munching on the snacks that I give to the students (usually pretzels/crackers/etc but I will sit and mindlessly munch if I'm not careful) I decided to ease out of supplying snacks for my kids.  They can still bring in a snack to eat but I won't supply it for them.  This cut down on some of my snacking but I still have a bag of treats for the *extra special* rewards behind my desk.
This week's goals:
I'm going for the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) approach this week...
  1. Exercise!
  2. Eat right!

What I'm reading:

I finally managed to finish Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2) and I am barely on the first few pages of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Book 3).  Maybe I'll get through them all before the last movie comes out...maybe lol

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Bathroom Scale,
I didn't forget you this week...  I...  Uhhh... I thought I'd give you a break from having to put up with me.  Yeah, that's it :)

 I didn't weigh in this week, because, I honestly did forget until right now!  Oops. 

I guess though, that isn't really a bad thing.  It means that my weight isn't top priority in my mind.  I'm not dwelling on it and I'm not letting it bother me so much.  I'll weigh one morning soon...if I think about it ;)

Last Week's Goals:

:) My top priority this week is to GET WELL! Without that, the others just don't seem to matter as much. Well that is one accomplished!  I think everyone in the house is finally back to normal and the sickness has left the building!

:) If I am able to get better, I do hope to get in at least 2 runs this week.  I started following my 12 week training plan so I actually ran Tuesday (2 miles), Thursday (2.32 miles), and Saturday (3 miles)

:( as well as incorporate my sit ups, push ups, and squats again 3X's I didn't get in any squats/sit ups/push ups but I did walk several times this week with the family

:) Drink plenty of water I took and filled my water bottle several times during he day :)

:/ Pack/eat healthier foods I didn't pack my lunch at all this week - didn't go grocery shopping until Friday- but I did try to choose healthier foods in the cafeteria at lunch like Spinach salad with tuna 2 days, and baked chicken another...oh and there was that one day that I grabbed the veggie pizza (but hey, my choices were veggie pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheese pizza, or something-that-almost-looks-like-a-hamburger-if-you-squint).

This Week's Goals:
  1. Since I did manage to go grocery shopping, I will bring healthy food for lunch Tues-Fri (Monday is an inservice day and 15 of us from my school are going to a science day at NASA so we are going to eat there)
  2. Follow my training plan for workouts
  3. Do squats/sit ups/push ups for some cross training
  4. Stop munching on the snacks that I give to the students (usually pretzels/crackers/etc but I will sit and mindlessly munch if I'm not careful)

Currently Reading:
I'm still working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Book 2).  I just haven't had time to read much this week.  However, I am starting to be able to see over the mountain of paperwork on my desk and there is a light at the end of the tunnel - and the tunnel is ending pretty quick

Here is a 2 sentence teaser from the page I am currently on:
" 'If I'd sprouted whiskers, I'd take a break from work,' said Ron, tipping a stack of books onto Hermione's bedside table one evening.
     'Don't be silly, Ron, I've got to keep up,' said Hermione briskly.' "

Monday, September 6, 2010

12 week 1/2 marathon training plan

A friend of mine and I have decided to run a local 1/2 marathon in November.  It will be her first 1/2 marathon so I am trying to help her out with the training.  I am NOT a coach, just a friend with a little bit more experience than she has at running endurance races, so I came up with this 12 week 1/2 marathon training program (OK, so I modified it from one I found online to suit our needs)

I appreciate any advice/criticism/critiques from any more experience than I:

Week- Monday- Tuesday -Wednesday -Thursday- Friday -Saturday -Sunday

1 (Sept 6-12)- Rest -2 mi- Rest- 2.5 mi- Rest -3 mi -2 mi EZ

2 (Sept 13-19)- Rest -2 miles- Rest- 3 mi- CT or Rest- 4 mi -2.5 mi EZ

3 (Sept 20-26)- Rest- 2.5 mi- CT- 3 mi- Rest -5 mi -2 mi EZ

4 (Sept 27-0ct 3)- Rest- 3 mi- CT- 4 mi -Rest --6 mi 3 mi EZ

5 (Oct 4-10) -Rest -3 mi- CT -3 mi- Rest -7 mi- 3 mi EZ

6 (Oct 11-17)- Rest- 4 mi- CT- 4 mi- Rest- 8 mi- 3 mi EZ

7 (Oct 18-24)- Rest -4 mi -Rest- 4 mi- CT- 9 mi- 3 mi EZ

8 (Oct 25-31)- Rest- 4 mi -CT -3 mi- Rest -10 mi- 3 mi EZ

9 (Nov 1-7)- Rest- 5 mi -CT -4 mi- Rest -11 mi -Rest

10 (Nov 8-14)- 3 mi EZ- 4 mi- Rest- 3 mi- CT- 12 mi- 3 mi EZ

11 (Nov 15-21)- Rest- CT- Rest- 3 mi -CT -5 mi- 2.5 mi EZ

12 (Nov 22-28) -Rest -2 mi- 20 minutes -Rest- 20 minutes- Rest- Race Day!

Thoughts?  Comments? Advice? 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fitness Friday #11


Dear Bathroom scale,
It's been a while, my old friend.  I've seen you often as I've run to and from the bathroom but I have not had the time to spend with you lately.  We have to catch up!  I promise I won't get you sick...I'll spray you down with Lysol!
Your Pal,


WHoooo HOooo!!  I've lost again, though again, it wasn't the way that I had hoped to lose.  I have been off and on sick for the past 2 weeks - had to call in to work again this morning.  Baby Girl and I seem to be passing the same bug back and forth which makes for a very unhappy momma! I didn't always eat right as I was usually wanting comfort food and I didn't exercise AT ALL because well... I couldn't do much other than print to the bathroom :(

Last Week's Goals/Results:

I didn't do Fitness Friday last week due to being ill so I have no goals to report on.  I did however, manage to survive...which is always goal #1!

This Week's Goals:

My top priority this week is to GET WELL!  Without that, the others just don't seem to matter as much.

If I am able to get better, I do hope to get in at least 2 runs this week

as well as incorporate my sit ups, push ups, and squats again 3X's

Drink plenty of water

Pack/eat healthier foods

Currently Reading:
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  I finished The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 5) which concluded the Percy Jackson series and moved on to my  OCD reading of all the Harry Potter Books prior to a new movie coming out.  I have to get them all done again by the time the first of the last movies comes out on November 19, 2010 :)
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have time for another quick update...

but just a quick one.

There has been a sickness going around my house and it seems tohave hit us all - even Baby Girl :(  The only thing worse than being sick is seeing your baby sick too. 

I've not been running, or even working out much the last 2 weeks.  I've been trying to eat right, but it hasn't always happened as no one around here feels much like cooking so we resort to frozen dinner or take-out.

I haven't weighed myself in a while either but I will try to get back on track and weigh again on Friday and get back to running and woring out.

On a good note, my principal interviewed teachers on Tuesday, but I'm not sure how it went. (I wasn't at school yesterday or today because Baby Girl is sick and can't go to the sitter.  I missed a few days last week because I was sick).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick update

I haven't been able to post much lately due to a crazy schedule at work as most of my friends and a few of my more astute readers know (I have 12 kindergartners, 1 first grader, 4 second graders, and 2 third graders in one class all day - most of whom are special needs and several who are major behavior issues...).  However, today my reprieve has arrived...well, she's (he's?) almost arrived...

Monday they got funding to hire another teacher - I was out sick so I didn't know this, but TODAY they position actually posted so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE join me in praying that a fantastic applicant will interview and fill the position so that these special needs students can get more of the individual attention they need and deserve.  I hate having this many students who need so much because I feel completely unable to give them each the attention they should have. I'm constantly putting out fires (figuratively, not literally -- yet) and have been unable to, in my opinion, academically reach the students on the level to which they need.  I go home feeling ineffective and frustrated.

There is a light at the tunnel!  It will take several days, perhaps even a week or two, but help is on it's way!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fitness Friday #10 (a day late again)


Dear Bathroom Scale,
It has been a long hard week.  I'm surprised I've made it through it alive. My class is insane (11 Kindergartners, 1 first grader, 4 second graders, 2 third graders- most with special needs of one variety or another), plus I lost one of my long-time students on Monday.  His viewing was last night and his funeral is today.  He was only 9 years old. I don't remember what I ate yesterday much less at the beginning of the week, but I tried to pack only healthy things for lunch.  I think I may have skipped a few meals accidentally.  Please be patient with me.
Your Friend,


I lost quite a bit and got down into the 180's, which is good, but the stressed out way isn't at all the way I had hoped to lose it.

Last Week's Goals/Results:

Continue to bring healthy lunch/snacks to school.  I did, but I don't think I ate it every day. And I know I found the bowl of ice cream in the fridge in the teachers lounge a few times.

Eat a healthy dinner even though Hubby will be away for most dinners this week. Bleh.  I didn't eat at all last night after the viewing, and I know one night all I had was a chocolate Pop-Tart.

Get in my runs and cross training.  I managed to get in one run and 2 days of cross training.
Add in the push ups. They are pathetic..but they were there :)

TAKE MY VITAMINS :(  nope, not even once.  I think I need to pack them into my lunch.  Maybe then I will remember them?
Drink 64 oz of water a day. Yes, I know i did this :)

This Week's Goals:

  • Survive
  • get in at least 4 workouts
  • survive
  • make a meal plan and stick to it
  • survive
  • pack my vitamins into my lunch
  • survive
Currently Reading:
The Titan's Curse by Rick Riordan - The 3rd book in the Percy Jackson series. 

 I added this category this week (and may from now on) because along with running, reading is a huge stress reliever so I have tried to make time each day to read something that I want to, just for fun :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

I just want to say....

Hug your children and loved ones real tight.  Today is a gift, and tomorrow isn't promised.

I found out this morning that I lost one of my 3rd grade students over the weekend.  They think he had a heart attack.  Yes, a third grader. 

He was one of my "low babies" with a low IQ but who didn't let that stop him from having an infectious smile and a completely positive outlook.  He would attempt anything and everything set before him and give it his all.  He never let difficulties get him down.  I called him "Smiles." 

A few days before he died, we had this discussion:
Him: "I'm in the 3rd grade, right?"
Me: "Of course you are!"
Him: "Well we have a lot of Kindergartners this year."
Me:  "Yes, we do.  But that's OK.  I can give them the work they need and give you the work you need."
Him: "I can still get to 4th grade."
Me sticking my hand out to shake his and 'make a deal' : "I promise I will give you everything you need to get to the 4th grade."

Unfortunately, I didn't get to make good on that promise. :(

The news was very hard on me as I have worked with him since he was one of those Kindergartners he was complaining about.  I've seen him grow so much.  Granted it wasn't at a speed that many of his peers did, but it was still tremendous growth.  He made the most of what God gave him in the short time that he had.

He was loved, he was admired, he will be missed.

Never let a moment go by that you don't tell the ones you love how much they mean.

Please pray for his family.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be for them to lose this shining little light.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fitness Friday #9

Dear Bathroom Scale,
I've not run as much this week, but I did throw in some other muscle-soreness-inducing exercizes.  I ate fairly well and drank a lot of come nice!
Your pal, Nicole

191.8!   WHOOO HOOOO  I'll get outta these 190's soon (hopefully!)

Last Week's Goals/Results: 5/6

:) Figure out how to make time to run 3X's a week (Try to do week 7 of C25K)  I think I have it!  M/T/W do some cross training at home.  Run Tuesday night when Hubby is off and home, Suck it up Thursday and run slow in the heat of the day, then run Saturday mornings with the baby

:) Include some Cross Training (push ups, sit ups, and squats) 2-3Xs a week. I don't have to go outside to do these. My living room floor is perfect!
Saturday pm - Squat exhaustion test - managed 50 squats before my legs got too wobbly
Monday am- 86 squats (sets of 13,16,9,9,39 with 60 sec rest between each)
Monday pm- 40 minute walk with Hubby and Baby Girl.
Tuesday am - 83 crunches (sets of 15, 18, 10, 10, 30 with 60 sec rest between each)
Tuesday pm - Week 7 Day 1 of C25K (again, again)  I figured with over a week off and with sore legs from the squats, it was safer to stick to week 7 one more time.
Wednesday pm- 45 minute walk with Hubby and Baby girl, and 82 squats (sets of 13, 16, 13, 13, 27 with 60 seconds rest between)
Thursday pm - I was supposed to run but has an AWEFUL day at workand came home and crashed.  I did however go for a walk with hubby and Baby Girl.
Friday am - 98 squats (sets of 15, 20, 14, 13, 36 with 60 seconds rest between), and 107 crunches (sets of 17, 18, 17, 15, 40 with 90 seconds rest between)
Didn't manage to get in any push ups but those are set to be included next week.

:) Take healthy lunch/snacks to work and avoid the snack machine and cafeteria.
Monday: I brought my lunch but had to run home at lunch to switch the carseat out of my car into my husband's and was persuaded to have lunch with him at McDonalds.
Tuesday: (the lunch I packed for Monday)Turkey sandwich on whole wheat, apple slices, cheese stick, greek yogurt
Wednesday:  Leftover shish kabob (shrimp, onion, red- green- and yellow peppers, chicken), fruit salad (strawberries, pineapple, kiwi), and 2% fat Fage Greek Yogurt with Blueberry
Thursday:  I brought lunch but had such a bad day that I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch.  I did manage to scarf down some Greek yogurt at my desk at one point but that was all.
Friday: Fruit bowl, 0% Fage Greek Yogurt (mixed with some of my fruit), cereal bar, string cheese stick

:| Take my vitamins. Took them once or twice but forgot most days

:) Drink 64oz of water (or more) a day. I know I did M-F because I had my water bottle with me at work and I made sure I filled it up at least twice.

:) Enjoy the fresh faces of the students who are eager to learn this year! Although I have had a really rough week, it was not the kid's fault. My schedule was changed which created chaos.  My kiddos are great (even the ones who weren't so "great" lol)

This Week's Goals:

  1.  Continue to bring healthy lunch/snacks to school.
  2. Eat a healthy dinner even though Hubby will be away for most dinners this week.
  3. Get in my runs and cross training.
  4. Add in the push ups.
  6. Drink 64 oz of water a day.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 on 10 August

Yesterday was the first day of school.  I couldn't take pictures on an hourly basis because I was teaching, and I can't/won't take pictures to post of my kids online so I just took 10 pictures throughout the day with my iPhone(my camera is still acting up and no one knows why).


Check out other pictures at Ten on Ten HERE.  You are supposed to take 10 pictures on the 10th of every month, but I know myself - with a hectic job and a little baby, I'm more likely to post 10 pictures on the 10th than take AND post them on the 10th, so I take mine on the 9th of the month and post them on the 10th :)

Tuesday Teaser - Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer

Baslow Methodist Church. former Wesleyan Metho...Image via Wikipedia
Today's teaser comes from the book that my Sunday School class is currently reading and studying.  It is a fantastic book that really makes you examine the way you think about things and explains that you mind is a battlefield; the devil is desperately trying to take control of your mind and then your actions.  We have been SLOOOOOOOWLY going through it because it is so inspiring that we tend to stop and discuss it at length, thoroughly enjoying the thoughts and sparks of conversation it inspires.

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
"My husband on the other hand, never worried.  There was a time when I would get angry at him because he would not worry with me - and join me in talking about all the gloomy possibilities if God did not come through and meet our needs." pg 128 Chapter 12 "An Anxious and Worried Mind"
(Please note, the building at the top of the blog is the Baslow Methodist Church. It was formerly the Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School and has an 1822 date stone.  It is not the church that I attend, although I do attend a Methodist Church.  I just thought it was a really cool old church...1822...WOW!)
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Monday, August 9, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for my county.  I have a love/hate relationship with this day.  It's a great fresh new start...but it means saying goodbye to sleeping in and a whopping 180 school days until summer vacation!

The things I love about the first day of school:
  • freshly sharpened pencils and other school supplies
  • clean never used notebooks
  • kids wearing their cutest new school clothes
  • I get to wear my cute new school clothes
  • desks aligned just so (not necessarily in rows, but still all in order)
  • cute bulletin boards
  • high expectations for a great year
  • ideas for new curriculum, behavior management, and/or activites and lesson plans
  • it's easier to stick to a healthy eating plan because I pack only good-for-me foods and don't give candy/food rewards to my students
  • my classroom library is still organized
  • seeing the kids smiling faces
  • all the parents still think you are a fantastic teacher
Because tomorrow is 10 on 10, I took a few pictures of today so that I can share them tomorrow :)
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fitness Friday #8


Dear Bathroom Scale,
YIKES!  This week has been so busy that I have done almost nothing "right."  Sorry about that! Please be nice...
Your friend,

Dear Nicole,
I know you've had a hectic week with the start of a new school year and trying to figure out a crazy schedule.  You've been stressing and you know that, for you, stressing tends to lead to eating things that are not so good for you.  However, Today, I will give you a ....
Your pal,
The Bathroom Scale

Last Week's Goals/Results:

:( Although I did fine with Week 7 of C25K, I am going to repeat it. The reason for this is that I start back to school and will have to run in the hot hot hot Florida summer afternoon sun after work. I want to make sure I am comfortable with what I'm doing. Not only did I not repeat this week, but I haven't run AT ALL.  NONE. ZIPPO.  ZILCH.  NADA!  Not even once.  I explained gave excuses in a post earlier this week.  I am however, going to get up and run in the morning while it is still cool enough to manage being outside for more than a minute or two.

:( Log 4/7 days. None.  Not even once.

:( Take my vitamins. Maybe once.   Sigh...

:( Don't let the stress of a new school year get to me this week. HA HA  Yeah, that's a funny one...

I managed to maintain my weight this week...but it is honestly a shock to me as I'm not quite sure how I managed to pull that one off THIS week!

This week started pre-planning for the new school year which starts on Monday.  I will be teaching in a whole new way using a whole new curriculum, and I'm not always so great with accepting change (that isn't of my design or idea).  I understand WHY things had to change, however, I'm not sure I'm loving HOW they changed.  Only time will tell...

Because I was stressed this week and VERY busy (I am essentially doing the job of 2 teachers in one), I didn't follow my fitness plan much.  I didn't cook at all this week (We are still eating out of our pantry trying to use some of what we have extra) and I went out to lunch DAILY with coworkers,  Lunch out wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't chosen the pizza, the hamburger, the enchiladas... but they were SOOOOooo  good and it was (what I thought) I needed to feel comfortable for the moment before returning to the chaos.  I didn't run because I couldn't find the right time to do so safely (its either too dark or too hot).

This Week's Goals:

  • Figure out how to make time to run 3X's a week (Try to do week 7 of C25K)
  • Include some Cross Training (push ups, sit ups, and squats) 2-3Xs a week.  I don't have to go outside to do these.  My living room floor is perfect!
  • Take healthy lunch/snacks to work and avoid the snack machine and cafeteria.
  • Take my vitamins.
  • Drink 64oz of water (or more) a day.
  • Enjoy the fresh faces of the students who are eager to learn this year!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (errr...Thursday)

With all the excitement of a new school year starting, I forgot to do my Tuesday Teaser!  So Sorry!

This week's teaser comes from my favorite genre: Historical Fiction.  Specifically Historical fiction in the King Henry VIII and Elizabeth periods.  "Murder Most Royal" by Jean Plaidy is from exactly this era.  Two cousins, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, marry the same man (King Henry VII) and come to the same fate - execution. And no I did not just give a spoiler, anyone who knows the history of the era knows that these were the two Queens that Henry disposed of via beheading.

"The thought took ahold of Henry, haunting his mind.  He thought of the days before Anne came to Suffolk House; they had a piquancy, a charm, since the excitement of adventure is in its unexpectedness."  pg 223
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