Monday, August 16, 2010

I just want to say....

Hug your children and loved ones real tight.  Today is a gift, and tomorrow isn't promised.

I found out this morning that I lost one of my 3rd grade students over the weekend.  They think he had a heart attack.  Yes, a third grader. 

He was one of my "low babies" with a low IQ but who didn't let that stop him from having an infectious smile and a completely positive outlook.  He would attempt anything and everything set before him and give it his all.  He never let difficulties get him down.  I called him "Smiles." 

A few days before he died, we had this discussion:
Him: "I'm in the 3rd grade, right?"
Me: "Of course you are!"
Him: "Well we have a lot of Kindergartners this year."
Me:  "Yes, we do.  But that's OK.  I can give them the work they need and give you the work you need."
Him: "I can still get to 4th grade."
Me sticking my hand out to shake his and 'make a deal' : "I promise I will give you everything you need to get to the 4th grade."

Unfortunately, I didn't get to make good on that promise. :(

The news was very hard on me as I have worked with him since he was one of those Kindergartners he was complaining about.  I've seen him grow so much.  Granted it wasn't at a speed that many of his peers did, but it was still tremendous growth.  He made the most of what God gave him in the short time that he had.

He was loved, he was admired, he will be missed.

Never let a moment go by that you don't tell the ones you love how much they mean.

Please pray for his family.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be for them to lose this shining little light.


Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

How terrible - my heart goes out to the family (and you).

I'm glad he had a kind and compassionate teacher like you to make an impact on him.


jon said...

Third grade?
That is sad.Life is so fragile.

Kwizgiver said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. What a tragic reminder to live each moment.


kathi said...

I am so sad to read of a life lost so very young. Sincere sympathies to his family and friends, and to you, because you were truly part of each others' lives.

:: mingle ::

Indigo said...

This is so very sad. :( I'm sorry.


Elizabeth said...

Nicole... wow. So sorry to hear this. What a painful thing for you... and his family. I will definitely be praying for you.