Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fitness Friday #9

Dear Bathroom Scale,
I've not run as much this week, but I did throw in some other muscle-soreness-inducing exercizes.  I ate fairly well and drank a lot of come nice!
Your pal, Nicole

191.8!   WHOOO HOOOO  I'll get outta these 190's soon (hopefully!)

Last Week's Goals/Results: 5/6

:) Figure out how to make time to run 3X's a week (Try to do week 7 of C25K)  I think I have it!  M/T/W do some cross training at home.  Run Tuesday night when Hubby is off and home, Suck it up Thursday and run slow in the heat of the day, then run Saturday mornings with the baby

:) Include some Cross Training (push ups, sit ups, and squats) 2-3Xs a week. I don't have to go outside to do these. My living room floor is perfect!
Saturday pm - Squat exhaustion test - managed 50 squats before my legs got too wobbly
Monday am- 86 squats (sets of 13,16,9,9,39 with 60 sec rest between each)
Monday pm- 40 minute walk with Hubby and Baby Girl.
Tuesday am - 83 crunches (sets of 15, 18, 10, 10, 30 with 60 sec rest between each)
Tuesday pm - Week 7 Day 1 of C25K (again, again)  I figured with over a week off and with sore legs from the squats, it was safer to stick to week 7 one more time.
Wednesday pm- 45 minute walk with Hubby and Baby girl, and 82 squats (sets of 13, 16, 13, 13, 27 with 60 seconds rest between)
Thursday pm - I was supposed to run but has an AWEFUL day at workand came home and crashed.  I did however go for a walk with hubby and Baby Girl.
Friday am - 98 squats (sets of 15, 20, 14, 13, 36 with 60 seconds rest between), and 107 crunches (sets of 17, 18, 17, 15, 40 with 90 seconds rest between)
Didn't manage to get in any push ups but those are set to be included next week.

:) Take healthy lunch/snacks to work and avoid the snack machine and cafeteria.
Monday: I brought my lunch but had to run home at lunch to switch the carseat out of my car into my husband's and was persuaded to have lunch with him at McDonalds.
Tuesday: (the lunch I packed for Monday)Turkey sandwich on whole wheat, apple slices, cheese stick, greek yogurt
Wednesday:  Leftover shish kabob (shrimp, onion, red- green- and yellow peppers, chicken), fruit salad (strawberries, pineapple, kiwi), and 2% fat Fage Greek Yogurt with Blueberry
Thursday:  I brought lunch but had such a bad day that I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch.  I did manage to scarf down some Greek yogurt at my desk at one point but that was all.
Friday: Fruit bowl, 0% Fage Greek Yogurt (mixed with some of my fruit), cereal bar, string cheese stick

:| Take my vitamins. Took them once or twice but forgot most days

:) Drink 64oz of water (or more) a day. I know I did M-F because I had my water bottle with me at work and I made sure I filled it up at least twice.

:) Enjoy the fresh faces of the students who are eager to learn this year! Although I have had a really rough week, it was not the kid's fault. My schedule was changed which created chaos.  My kiddos are great (even the ones who weren't so "great" lol)

This Week's Goals:

  1.  Continue to bring healthy lunch/snacks to school.
  2. Eat a healthy dinner even though Hubby will be away for most dinners this week.
  3. Get in my runs and cross training.
  4. Add in the push ups.
  6. Drink 64 oz of water a day.

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