Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday (errr...Thursday)

With all the excitement of a new school year starting, I forgot to do my Tuesday Teaser!  So Sorry!

This week's teaser comes from my favorite genre: Historical Fiction.  Specifically Historical fiction in the King Henry VIII and Elizabeth periods.  "Murder Most Royal" by Jean Plaidy is from exactly this era.  Two cousins, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, marry the same man (King Henry VII) and come to the same fate - execution. And no I did not just give a spoiler, anyone who knows the history of the era knows that these were the two Queens that Henry disposed of via beheading.

"The thought took ahold of Henry, haunting his mind.  He thought of the days before Anne came to Suffolk House; they had a piquancy, a charm, since the excitement of adventure is in its unexpectedness."  pg 223
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Indigo said...

I can't believe you just spoiled the ending for me! ;)


Cole said...

hahaha :) I just knew there would be one! Actually, it even says it on the back of the book so ...Pfttttttttt hehehe