Friday, August 6, 2010

Fitness Friday #8


Dear Bathroom Scale,
YIKES!  This week has been so busy that I have done almost nothing "right."  Sorry about that! Please be nice...
Your friend,

Dear Nicole,
I know you've had a hectic week with the start of a new school year and trying to figure out a crazy schedule.  You've been stressing and you know that, for you, stressing tends to lead to eating things that are not so good for you.  However, Today, I will give you a ....
Your pal,
The Bathroom Scale

Last Week's Goals/Results:

:( Although I did fine with Week 7 of C25K, I am going to repeat it. The reason for this is that I start back to school and will have to run in the hot hot hot Florida summer afternoon sun after work. I want to make sure I am comfortable with what I'm doing. Not only did I not repeat this week, but I haven't run AT ALL.  NONE. ZIPPO.  ZILCH.  NADA!  Not even once.  I explained gave excuses in a post earlier this week.  I am however, going to get up and run in the morning while it is still cool enough to manage being outside for more than a minute or two.

:( Log 4/7 days. None.  Not even once.

:( Take my vitamins. Maybe once.   Sigh...

:( Don't let the stress of a new school year get to me this week. HA HA  Yeah, that's a funny one...

I managed to maintain my weight this week...but it is honestly a shock to me as I'm not quite sure how I managed to pull that one off THIS week!

This week started pre-planning for the new school year which starts on Monday.  I will be teaching in a whole new way using a whole new curriculum, and I'm not always so great with accepting change (that isn't of my design or idea).  I understand WHY things had to change, however, I'm not sure I'm loving HOW they changed.  Only time will tell...

Because I was stressed this week and VERY busy (I am essentially doing the job of 2 teachers in one), I didn't follow my fitness plan much.  I didn't cook at all this week (We are still eating out of our pantry trying to use some of what we have extra) and I went out to lunch DAILY with coworkers,  Lunch out wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't chosen the pizza, the hamburger, the enchiladas... but they were SOOOOooo  good and it was (what I thought) I needed to feel comfortable for the moment before returning to the chaos.  I didn't run because I couldn't find the right time to do so safely (its either too dark or too hot).

This Week's Goals:

  • Figure out how to make time to run 3X's a week (Try to do week 7 of C25K)
  • Include some Cross Training (push ups, sit ups, and squats) 2-3Xs a week.  I don't have to go outside to do these.  My living room floor is perfect!
  • Take healthy lunch/snacks to work and avoid the snack machine and cafeteria.
  • Take my vitamins.
  • Drink 64oz of water (or more) a day.
  • Enjoy the fresh faces of the students who are eager to learn this year!


Maureen said...

Have you read the book, Run Less, Run Faster?? I received it as a giveaway prize but I really like it. I feel like it'd be perfect for your situation too!

Cole said...

Maureen, I have it sitting on my shelf to read soon! I am in the middle of about 3 books right now so I have to finish a few before I move on to something else. Never again will I start this many books at one time! haha. I'm glad you liked it, that gives me hope that it will actually do moe than collect dust once I've read it!

Molly said...

I think maintaining a weight loss is awesome, even when you had a bit of the pizza etc. Hope you have a better week, but still, great job on maintaining!

Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

I just wrote about back-to-school being good for back-to-weight-loss :

I suspect your rebellion of this week (lots of "not done" goals) is because you know a "getting serious" time is coming up, so your inner 3 year old is playing in the mud for a bit before taking her bath...