Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - on a budget!

This week I am having to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry and eat what we have without going to the grocery store - or with getting only bare minimum.  

We have had a few unexpected expenses this week, as well as an added WHAMMY! of having to go without a paycheck due to Hubby's crazy military schedule (he wasn't at his civilian job because he was on military orders so no paycheck from there...but the military pay hasn't kicked in yet so no paycheck from either yet!  ARGHHHHH!!!)  Anyway, with all of this, it means that we have to tighten up until it all gets ironed out.

So...(running from the fridge to the pantry and back again to see/compare) looks like we will be dining on...

Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie (I bought the stuff to make this last week and never got around to it)
Monday: Left over CPP
Tuesday: Quesidilla (cheese, chicken, and green peppers), maybe a can of green beans too
Wednesday:  I have parent/teacher conferences at school so this one is up in the air - maybe just a bowl of cereal after all is done.
Thursday: Broccoli and Ham casserole
Friday: Frozen Chicken patties (maybe in a sandwich, or with some motz cheese and tomato sauce?) one of the many cans of veggies we have in the emergency store (this is an emergency, after all!)
Saturday: Frozen corn dogs for lunch, left over casserole for dinner.
Sunday: Cereal for lunch after church, frozen pizza and corn for dinner.

Which means that if all goes right, the only things I have to pick up at the grocery store is some milk and green peppers (for the quesidillas as well as the broccoli casserole)
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Well it's just me and Baby Girl again most of this week so the idea is...SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE! I'm trying to clean out the fridge/pantry a bit so in looking at what I have in there, here is what I'm planning for the week:

Monday: Left over Pork Chops, corn
Tuesday: Pizza (Thin crust, lots of veggies)
Wednesday: Chicken Cordon Bleu (frozen)
Thursday: Fish Sticks (frozen) and Mac and Cheese
Saturday: Lunch: Left over casserol;   Dinner: Hamburger Helper
Sunday:  Lunch: leftover casserol OR Hamburger Helper;   Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie

All of my recipes are HERE
But OrgJunkie has a lot too!!

If you plan your meals for the week on Monday...Hop over to OrgJunkie's site and add your link!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I haven't been able to write much lately - being the working mom of a 1 year old has it perks...but lots of free time isn't one of them!

However, I did want to quickly record my resolutions for this year for the world to see so that hopefully it will give me a bit of accountability

1. Read through the Bible using "The Daily Bible: New International Version: With Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God's Word."  I've started several "read the Bible in one year" plans before but this Bible has it all laid out for me with commentary after each reading to help me to understand what it is I just read.  It is also arranged so that the reading are put into chronological order so it will be easier for me to follow the whole path of the Bible.  If this is the only goal I make this year, then it will be a good year.2. 100 Days Challenge with John "The Penguin" Bingham.  Intentionally move (exercise) for at least 30 minutes DAILY for 100 days in a row
3. Complete the 200 sit-ups and 200 squats programs.  I've attempted these before and failed to complete them.

This is going to be a rough year for me.  Hubby deploys again soon, leaving Baby Girl and I to fend for ourselves.  Hopefully the daily Bible devotions and exercise will help keep the stress down!

I think I did OK with last year's goals.  I managed to run a half marathon so I am in fact physically ready to train for a full marathon...however... with the above mentioned deployment as well that that cute little one-year-old, I don't know that I will have the TIME to train for a full marathon in 2011 (this is why it isn't a goal for this year - but I will keep running and perhaps do a few halves).  I also think I am better at asking for and accepting help from others.  I've made a conscious effort to not let myself get overwhelmed and frustrated when help is just a phone call/doorway/e-mail/etc away.