Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - on a budget!

This week I am having to clean out the fridge/freezer/pantry and eat what we have without going to the grocery store - or with getting only bare minimum.  

We have had a few unexpected expenses this week, as well as an added WHAMMY! of having to go without a paycheck due to Hubby's crazy military schedule (he wasn't at his civilian job because he was on military orders so no paycheck from there...but the military pay hasn't kicked in yet so no paycheck from either yet!  ARGHHHHH!!!)  Anyway, with all of this, it means that we have to tighten up until it all gets ironed out.

So...(running from the fridge to the pantry and back again to see/compare) looks like we will be dining on...

Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie (I bought the stuff to make this last week and never got around to it)
Monday: Left over CPP
Tuesday: Quesidilla (cheese, chicken, and green peppers), maybe a can of green beans too
Wednesday:  I have parent/teacher conferences at school so this one is up in the air - maybe just a bowl of cereal after all is done.
Thursday: Broccoli and Ham casserole
Friday: Frozen Chicken patties (maybe in a sandwich, or with some motz cheese and tomato sauce?) one of the many cans of veggies we have in the emergency store (this is an emergency, after all!)
Saturday: Frozen corn dogs for lunch, left over casserole for dinner.
Sunday: Cereal for lunch after church, frozen pizza and corn for dinner.

Which means that if all goes right, the only things I have to pick up at the grocery store is some milk and green peppers (for the quesidillas as well as the broccoli casserole)
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