Wednesday, November 21, 2007


A few days ago I had a dream, possibly a nightmare. I don't really remember it all that well except that right before I woke up, I was freaking out and crying/screaming while a woman I work with was holding me and trying to comfort me.

In real life, I know this woman, but I wouldn't say that we are necessarily close friends. I work with her and for the most part like her, but found it strange that in my dream I would seek her out for comfort. The next morning at work I found her and told her about it. She laughed, first saying that it is my subconscious saying that I know I can always come to her if I need anything (she knows I am about to go through another rough time in my life). But then she tells me that she recently got a dream book. In he dream book it says that bad dreams mean something good is about to happen.

I've never really believed in deep meaning behind dreams, I have always felt that it is just your conscious mind shutting down and all of the thoughts and dreams of the day mingling together and running wild.

I didn't think much about it anymore until later that evening when I was on my way to see my in-laws for dinner. They will be gone for Thanksgiving so we thought we would meet 1/2 way and have dinner together at a restaurant, little did I know that it was going to be a TRUE Thanksgiving dinner. As I was driving down the interstate I get a phone call telling me that they have finally found a bone marrow donor for my Dad! Daddy has Mantle Cell Lymphoma, a terminal blood cancer and a bone marrow transplant was our last plan of action but until now we couldn't find anyone who was a match. While this won't kill the cancer or cure my dad, it can possibly give him many more happy years with us.

I started crying, happy tears of course, and had to pull over since it was a very busy and dangerous interstate I was driving on. I called my husband, who is out of state with the Navy, who at first thought I'd been in an accident because I was crying so much I could hardly get the words out. He of course was thrilled as well.

I finally made it back on the road and to the restaurant to meet my husband's parents where I started crying again! I think I cried all night long. I didn't even have this amount of happy tears on my wedding day. I'm still tearing and shaking up as I'm typing, I'm just so happy!

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