Monday, July 6, 2009

Not the best day I've ever had... and a list of things to be thankful for

Yesterday was one of the most trying days of my life. Yet, it started out so simply and great.

I woke up early and went to early church and Sunday school. One of the women in my Sunday School class brought a big bowl of fruit which I loved! After class was over, she offered to give me the rest of it which I gratefully accepted!

I came home, ate some more of the fruit and a sandwich for lunch and decided to take a nap.

I woke up a few hours later and decided that I REALLY wanted a chocolate milkshake from the McDonald's down the road. So I grabbed my wallet, my cell phone, and my sunglasses and walked out the door, locking it behind me as usual. about half a second after I shut my door, I realized my mistake. I had forgotten to grab my keys!!

So here I am in the middle of the day in the summer sun...the Florida summer sun... seven months pregnant and I can't get in my car or back in the house! I called AAA who gave me the number of 2 locksmiths. Neither of the numbers worked. I may have typed them in wrong since I was trying to listen to my cell phone and type on my cell phone at the same time.

So with no luck there, I call 411. This lady tells me that there are no locksmiths in my town (???) but gives me the number of 2 in a nearby town. I call both of them. The first doesn't serve my area and the second was out of order.

I call 411 again, get a different lady who gives me a credit for the last two but misunderstood the name of my town and gave me a listing for a similar-sounding town in the state...does me no good as they are several hours away!

I finally call 411 a THIRD time and this lady quickly puts me through to someone who does serve my area. I explain that I have been out in the sun for 30 minutes already trying to get someone to come,that I was very pregnant, and tat because of the heat I was staring to feel ill so to please ask the guy to hurry. She said she would do so and that it should be only about 20 minutes or so.

I waited 20 minutes....then a few more.... and a few more. Finally after waiting 45 minutes I call back, get someone different and explain again that I'm not feeling well and the guy still hasn't shown up. She puts me on hold and when she comes back she assures me that he is on his way and would call me shortly.

At this point it starts raining, which is good in that it cooled down everything but bad in that if forced me under my small front stoop which has nowhere to sit down. After waiting another 20 minutes with no phone call from anyone I call AGAIN. This time when they put me on hold, they can't find the guy who is supposed to be on his way. Te girl assures me that she would keep trying to call and would call me as soon as she got ahold of him. She repeated my phone number to me but had it incorrect so I correct the two reversed numbers. She wondered aloud if this wasn't part of the problem saying maybe the guy couldn't get ahold of me. I find this slightly ridiculous as the guy had my address, he could have come by and seen me standing there.

After another 15-20 minutes they STILL hadn't called me back! At this point I'm getting really mad but don't know who else to call in my area of no-where-ville. I call my friend Alexis who lives about 20 minutes away to if nothing else come keep me company, sane, and to please please please bring me something cold to drink. She came immediately and also brought snacks! :)

We sat in her car for a while when she decided to call the place for me. She got a bit more snippy than I did but really got no further than I did. At this point I had been locked out of my house for 3 hours!

After a while, she decides to check all the windows, sliding glass doors, and doors again just to be sure, and yep... all locked. 1/2 joking around, she pulls out a credit card this former Miami girl proceeds to break in my door! Because I didn't have my keys, I couldn't lock the deadbolt behind me so it was only the door lock. I would have never known how or even thought of trying to get in with a credit card in the door jam!!

Once we were in the house, she again calls the locksmith and cancels. They try to tell her that they are going to have to charge me but she flat out refuses saying we waited for 3 hours for someone who was "on the way" the whole time.

We then decided to go to dinner after all the "excitement" of the afternoon. While at the restaurant, my mom calls my cell and asks if I had gone somewhere for the day. I kind of laughed and asked her if I could call her back when I got home. She agreed and Alexis and I went back to our dinner.

Once I was home again, I called my mom back, but instead talked to my dad who told me that my grandmother had passed away earlier that afternoon and that they had been trying to call all afternoon (but obviously didn't think to call my cell phone until later).

My grandmother was an amazing woman, but had been very sick for a long time and was unfortunately no longer herself anymore. We often wondered how she had hung on as long as she had. It was a peaceful death at home with my uncle holding her hand and my cousin singing to her... she just slipped away.

Of course I am very sad and will miss her dearly, yet in a way, it is almost a relief that she is now free of her troubles here on Earth. Growing up, she lived just across the street so I was very close, both physically and emotionally, to her. When I was 5 or 6, my grandfather passed away and eventually my aunt, uncle, and cousin moved in with her to help her. This was the uncle and cousin that were there with her at the end.

In a book I recently read, a boy had been abandoned and raised on the streets by a kindly old man who took in many abandoned children (in this book, couples were only allowed 2 children so often 3rd children were abandoned at birth). This man had a profound faith in God and taught the children that whenever they were having a hard time, they should recite every good thing they can think of and end the list with, "And God loves us."

I started thinking of my list yesterday to keep my spirits up (and my anger down):

I had my cell phone with me so I could call for help.
The rain cooled everything down so I didn't get too hot and started to feel better.
I have a great friend in Alexis who dropped everything to come help me out.
As Alexis pointed out, I didn't have a small baby with me, or have my child locked in the house while I was locked out.
I was able to eventually get in my house and into the AC.
My grandmother is no longer suffering with her illnesses.
Grandma is in Heaven with her Lord.
Grandma was surrounded by those who love her.
...and God loves us.

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Elizabeth said...

What a simply perfect list. So sorry to hear about your Grandma, but so glad that she is free from all the troubles of this life, and so glad that you have peace in the midst of it all. Ugh. 3 HOURS!!! That's terrible! Really terrible! I hope that they didn't end up charging you for any of that!