Monday, June 16, 2008

Parking Issues

Why is parking such a hassle? I mean seriously, I get more "road rage" in a parking lot than on the actual road. I understand, especially in Florida, that the prime parking spots include anywhere with shade and close to whatever destination you are trying to get to. But WHY oh WHY do people think they can't park if they can't get to one of these prime spots? What is the point, especially in these days of high gas prices, would you drive around for 20 minutes looking and waiting for one of these prime spots? It just makes no since. PARK ALREADY!

Today, at Wal-Mart of all places, I was nearly killed. OK so maybe it wasn't that bad. More like my Jeep was nearly dinged because the woman in the car in front of me pulled 1/2 way into a space, then suddenly must have seen a better parking spot 20 feet closer to the entrance. So rather than sucking it up and pulling the rest of the way into her spot and walking (gasp!) a bit further, she quickly throws it into reverse and zooms out in order to get to the closer spot before anyone else can, forgetting(?) that I was right behind her. Was it really that important that she save a few steps by parking in a spot 4 spaces down? She wasn't elderly or handicapped in any way that made it appear as though walking was difficult for her or caused her some hardship, so what was the big deal?

And no, it wasn't that I wanted the closer spot, I hadn't even seen it yet. I was actually planning on parking in the spot on the other side of where she originally pulled into, I just didn't want to be bumped into.

In conclusion, save some gas and get a little exercise...just park!

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