Sunday, December 28, 2008

Angels among us

I heard an older song today, Angels Among Us, and it reminded me not only of the story I posted yesterday, but also of a day many years ago (probably about 8 or so), when I flipped my car and two angels came to my rescue.

I was driving home from my parents house, about an hour drive down back roads and lonely highways, after dark. I was tired, and probably more than ready to get back home. I was about 23, and believe it or not, I don't think I was speeding. I say I don't think I was because if I'm honest with myself I'm not real sure, although the cop later said that based on skid marks he believed I was not speeding.

This particular patch of road was being repaired (No... A road in Florida that is under construction?? It's unheard of! LMAO) and was in the middle of nowhere. There were no streetlights and not even any houselights to be seen. There was also no lines painted on the black road yet making the side of the road more difficult to see.

My tire hit the edge of the road, which due to being repaved, was probably a full 3 inches above the old road which was about 4 inches wider than the new road forming a wonderful lip for my tire to hit.

Without thinking (obviously), I yanked the wheel and over corrected. Bad bad bad idea. The next thing I know, my car is flipping into the ditch finally landing with the driver's side down.

I had a cell phone, but I had no idea where it had gone to. I usually drove with it in my lap so I wouldn't have to search for it if I needed it, but in all the flipping, it had flown who knows where. I was in shock and not real sure where I was other than somewhere between my parent's house and mine. I knew that wherever I was there was very few people out this far and I couldn't get out of my car. I had unbuckled my seat belt (Thank God I was wearing it!), but because my mind was spinning, I couldn't think how to physically get out of my car. I managed to open the passenger side door but I couldn't pull myself out.

Suddenly these two guys were there helping to pull me out of my car and asking me if I was OK. They had called the cops and allowed me to use their phone to call my parents. They offered to stay with me and told me I could give my parents their cell phone number so that we could keep in touch until the cop got there. In talking with them while we were waiting, I found out that they are from my hometown too but were several years behind me in school. They know my younger brother though and even told me some things about him that he had done in school. That night, my mom called the phone number the boys gave several times having no problem getting through.

Luckily, I was OK (Due in large part no doubt to the fact that I was in fact wearing my seat belt) and the cop deemed the accident as no fault. He could see the tire marks and actually could tell me better than I could what had happened. It all happened so fast that I wasn't even sure other than that I had gone off the road and ended up on the other side, upside down, in a ditch.

A few days later, after things had calmed down, my mother tried to call the boys on the cell phone to thank them for stopping to help and staying with me. The phone number didn't work. My brother didn't recognize the names of the boys, yet the stories they told me were true. We couldn't find them in any of his yearbooks either.

My only explanation is that these to guys were angels send by God to protect me and help me that night. I don't know how long it might have been before someone else drove by on that deserted stretch of road if it hadn't have been for them nor what I might have done if a less than courteous person stopped instead.

Although I believe that God uses ordinary people to do His work here on earth, I know for a fact that He does send His angles, disguised as ordinary people, to mingle with us and help us out in our times of need. He is watching out for us, so make sure you don't forget to thank Him for it!

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