Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

When I was younger, I read every Stephen King book I could get my hands on and watched every horror flick my parents would let me see. However, in my old age (ha), I've decided there is no need to freak myself out unnessiceraly. In honor of the spooky Friday the 13th, though, here are 13 things that creep me out even when I'm not trying to freak myself out!


13. Ghosts. Not all ghosts creep me out. In fact, I've never "met" a really scary ghost. I have had what I believe are ghostly encounters, and even stayed in a haunted hotel room in Savanah, GA once with my (ex) boyfriend. I worked at the St. Augustine Lighthouse which is suppsedly one of the most haunted places in the USA, and often eat at a local resturant which is supposed to be haunted as well. The thought of someone not moving on does creap me out a little though!

12. My sister. OK so my sister herself doesn't really freak me out, but some of the things that she (we) does (do) kinda freak me out. We are the ones that call each other at the exact same time from 1000 miles away, think the same thought at the same time, send each other the exact same Christmas gift and ramdomly burst into song - the same song at the same time. No, we aren't twins, we are 11 years apart and in fact, we are 1/2 sisters so it must be on our mother's side! Sometimes Mom even joins in on the freakiness! Get out of my head!

11. Being/Getting lost. I have ZERO since of direction so I easily get lost and turned around. I hate not knowing where I am, where I'm going, or how to get out. I would love to shake the hand of whoever made the first GPS for commercial use. I love my Garmin! :) It has saved my life, my sanity, and my husband from having to come find me!

10. Kenyans. Not the whole person, just their legs. Have you really watched these guys (and girls) run a marathon? WOW..How do their legs move so fast for so long?!? Is that movement even natural? Ok, so this is actually more of a jealousy thing than a creeped out thing...

9. Sonic Booms. Living so close to a place where the space shuttles come in, I KNOW what a sonic boom sonds like. Growing up I THOUGHT I knew what they sounded like... I WAS WRONG! The booms of my memory were loud, but not earth shattering. The booms now though...are literally earth shattering - and house shaking, window ratteling, and double. Yes, double. Growing up several hours away from where I live now, the booms kind of blended into one boom, here there are two distinct booms - when the shuttle first enters the atmosphere and when the tail end of it clears it as well- BOOM BOOM! Friends that don't live here laugh that I know not only when shuttles are going up, but when they are coming DOWN again. I want to be prepaired fo that BOOM BOOM!

8. Dreams that come true. I don't remember my dreams very often but every now and then I'll remember one and a part of it will later come true. Last night I dreamt I had to fill out a DCF survey on one of my students... lets see if it come true. I really hope not.

7. Spiderwebs. Not cobwebs nessiceraly, but spiderwebs. Where there are webs there is usually a spider (see #1), and the feeling of a spiderweb on your face...UGH >>shudder<<

6. Birds flapping their wings. I don't know why but I have always been afraid of birds fling towards me. It's their wings. I don't know if there is some kind of traumatic event in my past that had to do with bird flying at me but I don't even like going into the aviary at parks!

5. Things that go bump in the night. With a military hubby that is often away from home or is working nights, I am home alone quite a bit. Sometimes the house will creak, the cat will knock something over, or something "strange" will go on that freaks me out. I am in a house that has many guns, including my own pistol, and having a hubby that is a weapons instructor I know what I'm doing with them, but that doesn't mean my heart doesn't skip a beat when something goes bump.

4. Unexpected bumps in the road. I love being sporatic and spontanious when it's fun, but I HATE haveing all of my hard work fly out the window because someone else changes their mind. I saw a quote once, "An oversight on your part does not make an emergency on my part." Sounds great, but unfortunately in the real world, it DOES mean it's an emergency for be (if I want to keep my job that is!). Jut the fear of doing a ton of paperwork only to have to start over from square one, and learn something new, at the drop of a hat freaks me out!

3. Hurricanes. I have lived in Florida my whole life and been through many storms but it wasn't until 2004 did I really go through a Cat4 hurricane dead on. Hurricane Charley slammed into the SW Coast of Florida right on top of my house and it totally changed the way I prepare for hurricanes and treat Tropical Storms! Watching your screen porch being ripped off of your house and your shed blow away tends to change your mind on some things!

2. Being trapped in a small space. I don't mind elevators or small rooms as long as I know I can get out. However, if I feel like I can't get out when I want/need to... I turn into a not nice person!

1. SPIDERS! - Yes, I am arachniphobic. Sitting still they just look icky but when they start moving those unnatural 8 legs....>shiver<... I'm GONE! Yes, I know I'm bigger than they are, that they are probably more scared of me than I am of them, and most won't hurt me...but when faced with one of those 8 legged demons, all rationality goes out the window!

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