Friday, January 30, 2009

25 things about me

Do you know these things about me??

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.


1. After teaching Special Ed for 3 years, I taught regular ed for a year and decided where I waNted/needed to be was back with my special ed kiddos and have been teaching it since.

2. I married my high school best friend (not my high school sweetheart) 8 years after graduation.

3. Three people have asked me to marry them (for real). I said yes to two, but only followed through with one! :)

4. My friend Janet and I got completely trashed on screwdrivers once (when we were young and dumb right Janet? haha) and had to stop on the way home (her boyfriend, now hubby, was driving) to pee on the side of the road in some stranger's lawn. My cell phone fell out of my pocket so after they dropped me off at home, Mike had to go back to find it!

5. I HATED running in high school but now I've done 3 full marathons, about to do my 4th 1/2 marathon, and numerous 5 and 10K's.

6. I'm not a fast runner, I just haven't figured out when to stop yet.

7. I'm about to be in my 4th wedding other than my own, but it is the first time I've had to buy a real bridesmaid dress - the other's were more casual.

8. I am completely, irrationally, terrified of spiders. Even the little bitty ones freak me out if they move. It's the legs...It's isn't natural!

9. My husband and I are exactly the same hight - 5"8' so if I wear heels, I'm taller than him.

10. I wear heels anyway.

11. Except at our wedding. I wore ballerina flats so I wouldn't be taller in the pictures.

12. I also was afraid I'd fall on my face, less chance of that in flats.

13. My dress was so long you couldn't see my feet anyway!

14. I love reading book/novels written for teenage girls.

15. I love sappy old black and white movies, but Princess Bride is unequivically the best movie ever!

16. I haven't done a single thing on my homework this week.

17. It's due Sunday, I'll do it Saturday.

18. Even though we have a lawnmower, when my hubby deploys, I hire someone to mow. It's the one chore that I can not stand to do.

19. I want to live in another country for a while, just to experiance it.

20. The top thing on my "bucket list" is to go to Pompeii.

21. I was a guest at my husband's first wedding. Sat right up front... Had an interesting conversation with his dad afterwards that we still laugh about to this day.

22. I've lived in 5 places in Florida, but have never moved out of Florida.

23. However, I have friends all over the world!

24. I have 2 tattoos, a fairy on my foot and a sun/moon on my back. I drew the one on my back. I'm the only one who knows what all it means.

25. My nickname in HS was Squirrel - because in 6th grade I drew a skunk and before I had it colored in, the guy I had a crush on said it looked more like a squirrel, and somehow it stuck as a nickname. Guys are mean! lol


Suldog said...

Well, I won't accept the tag, per se, but if you want to read 100 Things About Me (and you have a few hours)...

Cole said...

Wow, Jim, you have too much free time on your hand! haha, great list :)