Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've never been big on resolutions, mainly because I've never been able to keep them (and let's be honest, most people don't.) Usually I try to make resolutions throughout the year whenever I feel they need to be made. So, rather than my NEW YEAR'S resplutions, here is what I am working on now:

  1. Orginazation of my life. I've started on this already. I recently got an iPhone and on it is a handy dandy calendar and a place for notes, lists, and everything I need right with me. Now lets see if I will actually use it! But this also includes keeping the spaces around me organized - my house and my desk/classroom at work. Hubby and I tackled the computer room and the guest rooms recently which had both turned into "junk rooms."
  2. Learning to cook. This has been ongoing for a while, but I took a hiatus for a while when life got busy around the holidays and well, I got lazy :) Hopping back on the bandwagon this week!
  3. Look FANTASTIC at my sister's wedding at the end of February! This means hitting the gym and watching what I eat! Everyone always thinks I should lose weigh with my marathon training but I rarely do except in the begining. I'm burning more cals, yes, but I'm also replenishing them because I need them for my next run! There is no room for deficit there so little room for weight loss. Since my marathon is in early January, soon after I should be able to adjust and drop a few pounds before the wedding.

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n*stitches said...

I love resolutions even though I rarely keep any also. It is just the thought of "out with the old and in with the new" that is exciting! Have fun at the wedding!