Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marathon Packing

I have 4 things that I HAVE to do tonight: Finish my homework, pack for the weekend, paint my name and make the ribbons for my singlet, and of course WATCH THE GATOR GAME!!!!!

This weekend should be interesting, as all marathon weekend are! My husband is actually going to be here for this race, his first (my fourth), so he will actually get to see me cross the finish line and see all of the craziness both before and after. So that you can see just how crazy it should be (and to help myself stay organized), here is my packing list, and what bag it goes in!

Finish Line Bag: When I go to pick up my entry packet, Disney wil give me an "official" bag to put items into that will be transported to the finishline ready for me when I cross. So that I don't forget anything, I pack these all together in a different bag then I just transfer it all over.

Endurox Recovery Drink
warm shirt/jacket
flip flops
The Stick
Transportation Bracelets

Race Ready's My shorts are from a company called "Race Ready" and have cool pockets all over it for all of the things I need on my 26.2 mile run. Here is what will go into those pockets:

salt packets
Sport Beans (3 packs)
Sharkies (3 packs)
Advcare Packet
Water (drunk before we actually start running)

Running Clothes
race ready's
toe socks (pack 2 pair just in case it rains - one pair will be dry in a plastic baggie)
TnT singlet
sports bra ;)
Brookes shoes
Garmin Forerunner 305 HRM
Throw-away sweater for the start of the race

Other General Packing
cell phone charger
camera & camera charger
personal items
Change of clothes for Saturday
Change of clothes for Sunday post race
Purple dress for Victory party
Extra change of clothes just in case
Food (it's Disney, which means everything is expencive!)
epsom salt
bubble bath (to hide the smell of the Apple Cider Vinegar)
Apple Cider Vinegar (Pour in an ice bath to help get rid of sore muscles)
Tylenol PM
Waiver (can't run without it!!)
Pasta Party tickets
Victory Party Tickets
Transportation bracelets
Massage pad

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