Friday, June 12, 2009

For Today...

A friend of mine did this the other day so I followed the link to the Simple Woman's Daybook as well and decided to play along!


Outside my window... The sun is starting to set on another beautiful day.

I am thinking... that I can't wait for one of my best friends to come visit tomorrow! I haven't seen her in a few years and I've missed her!! She and her husband can probably only stay a little while but I'll take what I can get :)

I am thankful for... only being on a "modified" bedrest where I can still get up and do what I need to as long as it isn't for too long or too strenuous. I can't imagine being on full bedrest for a long period of time. I would go insane - and my house would fall apart haha! :)

From the learning rooms... I've put off my homework until the weekend, it's due Monday. I work best under pressure, or at least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

From the kitchen... While Chris and I were in St Augustine, I bought 3 cookbooks from the Columbia Resturant gift shop. Orange Recipes, Key Lime Cookin', and Key Lime Deserts all by Joyce LaFray. I have a tree in my backyard that has both key limes and lemons on it (it must have been spliced). I've never really known what to do with the key limes other than key lime pie, which I love, but now I should have pleanty of new ideas! I should have plenty of ideas for all the oranges I pick from my parents grove as well (other than just peeling and eating - which is probably my favorite way to eat an orange!).

I am wearing... the most comfortable thing I can find. It's amazing howquickly this baby is growing! Things that fit me last week are getting snug this week.

I am creating... a beautiful baby (girl?).

I am going... to travel the world one day. Besides, I have lots of friends/family all over the world that I need to visit! At this very moment I have friends/family in Japan, Korea, South Africa, the UK, and Prauge. Chris can probably dig up some more old military buddies that are stationed overseas too.

I am reading... Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...again. Every time a new HP book or movie comes out i feelthe compulsive need to read the entire series all over again from the begining. Because the movie of Half Blood Prince is coming out next month, I had to do the traditional re-reading!

I am hoping... like every expectant parent and family member, for a happy, healthy baby for both myself and my sister.

I am hearing... the clackity-clack of my keyboard, the air conditioner, oh and there goes the leaky toilet refilling that my husband is supposed to fix! lol!

Around the house... I just redid the small guest bathroom and, for the moment at least, it is my favorite place in the house! Light tan walls and white trim (this was already done, I didn't repaint) now with dark brown towels, light blue hand towels, a white/tan/brown/dark brown/light blue checkered rug, light tan soap dispencer and tissue box with light blue outline flowers and dark brown trim, and misc art of the same colors. I love it!

One of my favorite things... other than my newly redecorated guest bathroom, is my new iPhone 3G. I may be a bit iPhone dependant at this point as 1/2 my life is on this stinking thing - all my phone numbers and many addresses, a list of my daily blood pressures for my ob/gyn, grocery lists, other shopping lists, to-do lists, all my music, and of course my newest addiction...scrabble!

A few plans for the rest of the week: It's summer break and I'm on modified my plans include a lot of sitting with my feet up reading, watching movies or TV, and sleeping. Perhaps some light cleaning now and then in short bursts, and of course my homework for my online class!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... my newly re-decorated guest bathroom!


Elizabeth said...

Isn't this so fun?! Your new cookbooks sound SO interesting... I'd be up for trying any of those recipes. :) Key lime AND lemon - what an odd tree. And oh how I miss FL citrus straight from the tree. Most of our oranges come from Spain - though occasionally I've seen Egypt on the packaging. Crazy, huh?

Cole said...

HAHA And here we are thinking it is a sacrilege to eat CA oranges! The tree literally has key limes on the bottom and these huge beautiful lemons on the's the craziest thing. But it also has these wicked torns too!