Friday, June 25, 2010

Fitness Friday #2

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been without a laptop for the better part of a week and a half.  Living in this age of technology without Internet capabilities was NOT fun!  Granted, yes, I had my iPhone but that just isn't the same.

I did however still do my best to keep up with my healthy goals.  I did my runs as scheduled, and watched what I ate even if I didn't log it (my log is online!  UGH...again, yes, I could access it on my phone but it's much easier to do it with a computer). 

With all the frustration and a few other chaotic things going on, I did forget to weigh last Friday, but I weighed Tuesday morning........195.8 lbs!

This morning I woke up all excited to run (ha ha), and forgot to weigh until later.  I usually weigh first thing in the morning, before breakfast, before anything.  But today I forgot to weigh until after breakfast, after I ran, after I drank a bottle of Gatorade and a bottle of it may be slightly off but it's OK.  It was 196.5...still looking pretty good :) I figure the extra weight was the fluids I just drank...Yeah...I'm going with that! he he

I saw today that according to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, people who use a food log will lose twice as much as people who don't!  WOW  Twice as much! Granted, my biggest goal is getting healthier...but in doing so losing weight is part of it so this is a good thing!  I must, I must, I must keep up with my food log (you thought I was going to say "increase my bust" didn't you?  ha ha, Yeah, I know you did...)

I noticed on my log  (when I did log) that I eat when I'm bored, and I eat way too much processed, quick-and-easy-to-grab type foods.  Not really fast food from a restaurant like Crap-Donald's or Booger King (I am only saying those names as such in order to try to convince myself that they aren't far it's only having a marginal affect), but more the frozen, pop in the microwave meals or the little to no cooking snacks.  I know that if I spent a little more time that I could make healthier foods but it is difficult to get into the mindset of doing so.  I have a small child and until today, my husband was out of town (military orders - back today!  YAY!!) so I didn't want to cook a big meal just for me - I tend to forget/choose not to remember the leftovers so it ends up going bad. I think this needs to be addressed as a goal.

My goals for this week:

1. Continue with my running (3x's a week). I'll be at my Mother-in-law's Sunday/Monday so it may end up being Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday rather than my normal Monday/Wednesday/Friday... then again...maybe I'll bring my running stuff to her house and let her watch the little one while I go for a run...  Hmmm... decisions, decisions...
2. Try one new healthy recipe.  Any suggestions?
3. Log my food/water
4. I will plan my snacks and meals and eat them at set times so that I'm not munching just to do it.

If any of you out there in cyber-land have some yummy, healthy recipes, I'd love to hear them!  I have a few of my recipes posted HERE...but they aren't all weight conscious.  I'd love to get some more really healthy, really delicious, recipe options that my hubby and I can try out!

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