Friday, June 11, 2010

Fitness Friday #1

First off...the weight ......

:::Drum roll please:::


w00t! :)

Starting weight: 200 (6/01/10)
Current weight: 197
Goal weight: 140

Last week's Goals were:
1.I have already run 2 X's this week...I will run once more. Did it! Did it! My legs are finally remembering how to run :) I did however have to have a pep talk with myself this morning before getting out of my nice, warm, cozy bed! I even had to gt up before the baby did if I wanted to get out there before the Florida summer sun made it too hot to go out.
2.I will drink at least 64oz of water daily. I *think* I did this...but.....

3.I will log EVERYTHING I eat onto my food diary (even the chocolate ice cream I ate today!) WHAM...didn't do this one :( I forgot/put off/neglected logging - which is why I'm not sure I made goal #2 or not...but I think I did. I know, I know...that's not as good as KNOWING I did...sheesh...get offa my back already! ;)
4.I will weigh myself again on Friday and report back here. Did that one...see above :)

5.I will call this "Fitness Friday." HA HA...see the title? Yep...that was an easy one! lol
OK so that was only a 1/2 week. This week is the REAL thing! No more cheater goals like numbers 4 and 5 up there...those were easy ones lol :) So, without further ado...

This week's goals:

Log my food into my food diary. I need to do this for myself to see if there are any patterns (yes, I'm a nerd like that) to be sure that I'm not only cutting my cals but to make sure that I am eating healthy foods for my body.

Run 3 X's this week (C25K week 3) and walk after dinner as often as possible. The hard part of running this week will be that I have to take the baby with me each time this week. She loves the rides and I love every minute with her...but if I'm honest with myself (and you), I don't like running with the stroller. I don't like not being able to use my arms to run. I didn't quantify how many walks because lately, it's been raining every night so it isn't possible to load up the baby and walk. If the weather permits, I will be going for a walk!

Drink 64oz of water a day. Hopefully I will KNOW I did this one because I will have done #1 :)

They look pretty similar to last week's huh? Yeah, I know. But I want to accomplish them and make them a habit...then I'll add some more to them! :)

After all, your actions, they become your habits...

Here's to having healthy habits!

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Elizabeth said...

This is such a great idea! I definitely need to join you for Fitness Fridays. :) I'll make my goals for this week similar to yours... record everything I eat in hopes of recognizing and cutting out all the junk and exercising 3x. I've been super unmotivated all winter to get out and do anything... especially when we don't have a car and walk everywhere! But now that the weather has FINALLY warmed up I should really make myself exercise for the sake of exercising.

Keep up the good work! :)