Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Starting over again (again). The starting of Fitness Friday

A friend of mine started a blog to journal her weight loss and it has inspired me to start blogging again and focus on my own weight loss journey. (Go check out her blog and offer a word or two of encouragement)  Since 2007 I have gained 50 lbs!  YIKES!  Way too much to be healthy, so I'm starting over again (again).

I actually started getting serious about this a few weeks ago but I didn't blog it.  Perhaps like Patty, the blog will keep me accountable.  So, for those of you who are friends of mine on Facebook and/or who see me in real life on a regular basis...let me hear about it if I don't update this too often!  For the rest of you...comment me here and send me a stern finger-shaking via e-mail!

OK, throwing all shame out the window I will face up to it.  A few weeks ago I stepped on the scale and saw a 2 in the hundred's spot!  Luckily, there were zeros in the tens and ones places, but I had officially gone into the 200's and it quite literally FREAKED ME OUT!!  I started then.

Exercise: I've started running again.  I'm doing the Couch to 5K to get me back into the swing of running and have agreed/committed to running a local 1/2 marathon in November.  I'm on week 2 and feeling great!! I plan to run 3 X's a week (at least).  I also plan to start throwing in some other non-gym, no-equipment-needed exercises such as squats, push-ups, and sit-ups for some cross training. These may be done sporadically through the day between baby pick-ups and play-times. If I can ever scrape up enough to join the gym I will start swimming again...I love swimming!!

Food:  Nothing special here...just trying to choose more healthy alternatives and put down the fat-filled, greasy, empty calories.  I will usually have a Slim Fast shake in the mornings for breakfast because it is fast and easy, but I won't really be following the full Slim Fast program (I won't be having one for lunch nor will I be having their snacks throughout the day).  More fruits and veggies, and less sugar and processed foods.

I weigh myself first thing Friday mornings before I eat or drink or do anything so hopefully that will give me the truest estimate of my real weight.  Last Friday I was down to 198! :)

This week's goals:
Yes, this week is already 1/2 way over.. but I can still make goals can't I?

  1. I have already run 2 X's this week...I will run once more.
  2. I will drink at least 64oz of water daily.
  3. I will log EVERYTHING I eat onto my food diary (even the chocolate ice cream I ate today!)
  4. I will weigh myself again on Friday and report back here. 
  5. I will call this "Fitness Friday."  (If you want, I'd love anyone who wants to to join me in making fitness or healthy goals each Friday.  You can post them here in the comments or on your own blog -please comment me and let me know you did so I can go read and be inspired too.  If nothing else, consider making health-related goals just on your own, even if you don't let me indulge in my voyeuristic side and get all nosey into what you are doing!)

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