Thursday, June 24, 2010

I didn't forget...

I didn't forget about my goal to post each Friday on my health goals...but my laptop went KAPUT!  I've been without internet connection (other than on my phone - but really, who wants to do much on that screen?) for over a week!  I'm on a borrowed laptop now while I decide if it is worth trying to fix the laptop or invest in a new one.  Rather than posting all my fitness/health goals today and then again tomorrow, I'm just going to wait until tomorrow to do it all :)

Run Happy!!

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Elizabeth said...

So funny! I was just thinking of you yesterday and this morning as I made a to-do list over breakfast I wrote down your name to ask you how things were going. :) No fun that your laptop is having issues! And it's probably also no fun that it's been so stinkin' hot in FL that you probably have no desire whatsoever to get out and exercise!