Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up...

As I sit here and look at my clutter, I wonder...what does everyone else do to control this?

In my defence...I'm not the messy one (hahahahaha).  But seriously, I have things that I do to control the clutter and mess that, believe it or not, will actually work - If you use them!

  1. Do it right away!  If you've finished with the bowl, go ahead and rinse it out and put it in the dishwasher rather than just tossing it in the sink.  It only takes 2 seconds longer and keeps the sink clean.  Plus it's easier to do it in 2 seconds now than waste way more time later doing several dishes.  This works for everything.  Go ahead and put it where it
  2. When you leave an area, take something with you! If you are walking to the kitchen to grab a drink of water, go ahead and hit the trash can or the dish washer on the way.  Again, a few minutes now is better than spending much longer later.
This is great in theory.  However, I haven't been able to convince my husband that this is a good idea yet.  I'm not trying to have a perfect house - I couldn't live in a "show home" anyway.  I just don't want to be COMPLETELY embarrassed if someone just stops by to say hello. 

Even more than not wanting to be embarrassed, I want my house to be safe for my Baby Girl.  Leaving things around that she can get into is very dangerous and I'd rather not have to constantly be hovering over her worrying that she is going to get too close to this, or get into that, or pick up...whatever that is over there!

So the questions for the day are:  What do you do to keep your house clutter under control...and how did/do you get the rest of your household on board with it?

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Elizabeth said...

This makes me smile. And I have next-to-no tips for including your "other half" in the daily clean-up.

However, a friend of my mine coined what has become one of my favorite phrases... "put and take"... as in put this here, take that there. I've learned that if I try to spend 15 minutes each night or before leaving my house for the day doing this, then the clutter doesn't tend to pile up as much.

I'm so with you on the "just do it now". It makes life so much easier!