Saturday, October 11, 2008

My brother's wedding

My brother got married today, and I officially have another beautiful new sister, Leslie!

The ceremony was simple yet beautiful. It was on the beach on a gorgeous day with the reception on the top floor of hotel with loads of windows looking out over the water.

Because I was actually in the wedding, I don't have many pictures of the wedding. However, my husband took some AMAZING photos so when I have some time I will post some but for now, here are a few from my camera from before the ceremony:

The beautiful bride, Leslie
Me and my nephew

Beautiful day on the beach

View of the site of the ceremony location from the hotel balcony

For now, I've had a long wonderful day but I am tired and have at least a can and a half of hairspray in my hair so I'm off to shower and relax a while before heading to bed.


forgetfulone said...

Gorgeous photos! Any you, sista, look absolutely marvelous!

Cole said...

Thanks! :) I'll probably put some of my husbands photos up tonight if I get some time.