Saturday, October 18, 2008

New running shoes and races!

I finally made it over to The Running Zone to get new shoes. It is very had for me to come out of there with only what I went in to buy. I ended up with shoes, toe socks, several bags of moons for the 1/2 marathon tomorrow, and paying the entry fee for two races - a 5K next Friday night, and a 2 miler in December which I did last year that was an absolute blast. I won't risk trying to run a 1/2 marathon in brand new shoes tomorrow and in fact, I won't even risk the new socks (NEVER EVER do anything new or different on a long race day!). I will however munch on some of those moons on about mile 6 or 7. I got the watermelon flavor with the extra B vitamins. I'm not a big fan of gu even though some of it I do use (Usually the extra caffeine tangerine ones to help with the headaches).

Even though I shouldn't do much the day before a bigger race, I am going to head out for an easy 2 miles this morning to try out and break in my shoes!

BTW, the Shepard's pie didn't get made :( Life stepped in the way and I wasn't able to get to the grocery store to pick up the things I needed. After my run I'll head down there to get some groceries... then come back and work on my homework for the rest of the day until it's time to make some pasta tonight.


can-can said...

Sister, you are busy! You're right that you shouldn't run a race in new anything. I did a 2 hour walk in new shoes and ended up with a blister on my left heel. Now I know that doesn't compare at all to what you runners do but boy did I feel the pain.

I'm actually afraid to wear the shoes again.

Shepard's pie is so yummy and such a fall/winter dish.

Cole said...

PERFECT running shoes don't need to be "broken in" but you don't know if you have the PERFECT pair until you try them! However, good quality running shoes are often expencive too. A blister on your heel means that you have a hot spot there that is rubbing too much, you might actually want to try different socks (they have awesome double layered ones to preven blistering - one layer rubs on the other rather than rubbing on your feet!) or wearing blister pads to prevent it. Good Luck!

I'm not giving up on the Shepard's Pie. I love it too and I rarely get/make any so I'm really looking forward to making it (eventually) and hopefully it is a good, easy recipe I can add to that binder you so kindly suggested!

Elizabeth said...

Shepard's Pie is one of my favs... though I haven't made it in a REALLY long time. Thanks for the idea! :)

So... how was the race?

I got your message about our packing and planning which made me realize that I don't have your email. I couldn't find it on your "profile page" but if you want to send it to me (my email is on my profile page) I can keep you up-to-date on all the Bradley fun through our newsletters.

Cole said...

My 1/2 went well :) It was slower than my fastest time, yet faster than my slowest time, so nothing to get too excited about other than I finished and it wasn't by the skin of my teeth! I have a 5K on Friday which I am excited bout. I'm not good at sprinting so shorter distances don't make for good times for me but it should be fun... It's halloween/fall themed and everyone dresses up!