Saturday, October 25, 2008

Running as Atalanta

How much more fun can a 3.1 mile race be? Toss in a costume or two and it's a blast! I ran the Pumpkins in the Park 5K dressed as Atalanta. I figured although not really accrate (I wasn't breaking ay speed limits), it was an appropriate thing to dress up as for a footrace!

I had to tie up the skirt so that I could actually run in it, but I plan on wearing the same costume on Friday (but with the skirt down, my hair fixed, sandals, and at least a little make-up).


Elizabeth said...

So fun! Did you make your costume?

Cole said...

No, th dress itself was storebought. I was going t make one but ran out of time so stopped at Wal-Mart the afternoon of the race! I did however, spraypaint the apples (small apple-shapped cutting boards) gold. I'm going to wear the same costume to school on Friday :)