Sunday, October 5, 2008

7 miles!

Yesterday's training went really well! :) We went 7 miles and Cathy, Shelly, and I managed to do it in an hour 20 minutes! Not bad for 1 who has never run more than a 10K (6.2 miles), one who has done a 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) but has never trained for a marathon before and is having hip issues, and me who hasn't really trained to run or run farther than a 10K in a year and a half!

My only issue was blisters. I know I need new shoes and I have been putting it off for a while now. Shin splints are the first sign of good running shoes going bad (or just not good running shoes), and I've been having those off and on for a little while now and yesterday I got my first blister with these shoes >pout< I guess it is time to head to The Running Zone to check out the goods. I'm sure I will end up with more Adrenaline's since I am on my 2nd pair already and love them. It is recomended that you replace running shoes every 400 miles or so in order to take the best care of your feet/legs/back/body and I have had these a while. I'm sure I'm pushing 500 or more miles.

If you checked out that link you will probably see why I have been putting off getting a new pair. They are the most expensive pair of shoes I own! But, If I am going to ask (require) my feet to carry me for over 26 miles, I need to take care of them. I will however, ONLY wear my new running shoes to run/train in, but I keep my "used" running shoe to walk around in and do errands around town and all since there really isn't anyhing too wrong with them except the "shocks" are going out on them. The "walking around town" pair that I have now will get donated to the Running Zone who will redistribute them to needy kids/adults who have no shoes to wear at all. See how this all works? Similar to how I redistributed my swimsuits in HS. This year's team suit would become next year's training suit and the following years drag suit (an old, worn out suit you wear over your suit to increase drag during practice). It's all in the circle of life...just wish it wasn't so expencive!

After shoes, my next goal is to get and try out a running skirt like this one! How cute would it be to run in a skirt after all?! :)

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