Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding pictures

I finally got the chance to get some pictures from my brother's wedding up. Some of them are actually pages of a photo album I'm working on for them!

Me walking down the aisle

Leslie being escorted and given away by her older brothers

Preston and Leslie's vows (photo album page)

Preston putting Leslie's ring on, and my nephew handing her a shell :) (Photo album page)

The Sand Ceremony (photo album page - I'm not sure I like this layout, I may change it)

The new family

First kiss as husband and wife (photo album page)

Beautiful Leslie

Mr. and Mrs. (this will eventually be a photo album page - the last page in the book. I plan on adding the last few sentences from their ceremony -right before "You may kiss your bride" and "I'm honored to introduce..." along the side in the sky in white lettering)


Elizabeth said...

Such great pictures! I just love weddings... they're so fun and filled with so much hope and promise. Glad you guys had a great time. The beach is beautiful!

forgetfulone said...

Those are fabulous photos! The bride is beautiful, but so are you. And thanks for reminding me about pink for breast cancer awareness. I soooo forgot!

Cole said...

Thanks Liz! How's your packing going? I can't wait to hear about all of the amazing things I am sure you will be doing in Prague! With so many of my family/friends/clasmates gone out into the world into different countries, I am so tempted to just take a summer and globe hop to see everyone. I'd have to hit Africa and see Steven and Amy and thier new son, then Prague for you and Shannon, England to see Aimee, Joe is in Japan still...

Forgetfulone, thanks for the comment! It was a great wedding and I couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law! No problem about the pink reminder, glad I could help!