Friday, July 9, 2010

Fitness Friday #4

This week's weight
(Done on Wednesday morning.  I knew Thursday morning would be crazy hectic trying to get everyone and everything ready to leave, and I wasn't sure if the hotel gym would have an accurate scale for me to weigh this morning --Does Running around crazy getting everyone ready to go count as a "run" for Thursday?)


::sigh::  I think this number is stalking me.  I may need to get a restraining order!

Dear 196,
GET AWAY FROM ME AND STAY AWAY FROM ME! My friends in the 180's are waiting for me!

Last week's goals:

  • Run at least twice.  **Doing the happy dance and patting self on the back!**  I ran my scheduled C25K runs M/W/F (Friday on the treadmill at the hotel) PLUS an extra run with Hubby on Tuesday. That makes 4 runs this week!  DOUBLE what my goal was. We also walked with Baby Girl several times this week as well.
  • Log my food for the days that I am home, and be mindful of what foods I choose and how much I eat while we are gone. I logged Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday at home.  I also (on my phone) logged a good portion of Thursday and today. 
2 for 2!  Go me! :)

:( I did an extra day of cardio but it seems as though I still didn't lose.  I had a particularly high sodium count on Tuesday before weighing Wednesday morning so perhaps that had something to do with the weight - maybe I'm retaining some water?

:)  I feel great about being able to get in the extra run, and it was extra fantastic that I could do the run with my hubby (who it seems I rarely get to do much with other than errands or daily chores).

:) I'm glad I was able to log fairly consistently because, as I was hoping it would, it made me aware that there may be an issue that I need to look at as far as what I'm eating rather than just how much.

This week's goals:
  1. Run 3X's this week. Week 6 of C25K :)
  2. Take my multivitamins DAILY! I keep forgetting to take my vitamins...argggghhhhh.  Gotta get back into the habit of taking them.
  3. Log my food. I've noticed the few days that I have logged that I've had quite a bit of sodium.  I want to reevaluate the sodium after this week to see if it really is a problem that I need to tackle.

If you are making an attempt to be healthier, how are you doing on your goals?

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Mrs. White said...

I really wish I had your energy!!!

Mrs. White