Friday, July 16, 2010

Fitness Friday #5

This week's weight:

Listen here Mr. Bathroom Scale...

I've been MORE than patient with you.  I've done all you've asked and then some.  I think I have been pretty darn nice about this whole thing so far if I do say so myself.  Now, I expect you to show me a different number this week!  I'm SICK of seeing 196!

So,  SHOW ME THE, uh, I mean...NUMBER! (unless you've got some money hidden.  Then I'll take that too...)

Apparently my scale is as obstinate as I am because he answered by going in the OPPOSITE direction this week. 


Last week's goals/results:

Run 3X's this week. Week 6 of C25K :) Woke up Monday with a headache so so running that day so I ran Week 6 Day 1 on Tuesday. Thursday I had an inservice so I had to get up very early and didn't have time to run in the morning before I left, however, Hubby and I did a quick run/walk Thursday afternoon when I got home - it was WAY hot (89*F with 68% humidity, making it feel like 100*F).  I plan to finish my 3X's weekly by running again tomorrow morning.
Take my multivitamins DAILY! Took the vitamins Monday through Friday.  I wasn't home Sat (still at the wedding and had forgotten to pack them), and I forgot Sunday.
Log my food. Logged Monday, Tuesday (Over on sodium), Wednesday (over on cals), and so far I'm logging today so that's 4/7 days this week.

:,( I am very sad/disappointed/depressed/upset/confused/ _________ (fill in the blank).  I can't figure out why I'm not losing and why this week I actually GAINED!?!  I know I didn't make great choices yesterday (Chili's with the girls - but I ordered a chicken Caesar pita...better than some of the other choices I could have had there!) but I had great food choices the rest of the week.  On the days that I logged, I was in the "Lose 1/7 lbs a week" range or under on all but one day.  Wednesday wasn't like I blew it...I was still under the amount of cals I need to maintain my weight so I shouldn't have gained.  Can ONE day blowing it (which I think I might have done yesterday) screw the whole thing up like that?  I didn't think so before.  Eating like that on a regular basis, absolutely can cause a gain...but one day?  UGH

:-/ I did a great run on Tuesday then on Thursday I did a so/so run with Hubby.  I couldn't run Thursday morning before I left for my inservice (no time) and by the time I got home it was HOT HOT HOT so we ended up walking more than I usually do. I plan to run in the morning again with Baby Girl.  This was week 6 of the Couch to 5 K, but I only did Day 1 (hubby and I didn't try to stick to any set intervals when we ran, just paid attention to our bodies knowing that it was so dang hot).  I think I may re-do week 6 next week.

? I start back to work soon so I will have to figure out how/when I'm going to run until it cools down some.  Once it cools down I can run right after school with no problem,  But running at 3pm in August/October in Florida = crazy!  We don't have the money to join a gym just yet but it is an option we are trying to do.  However, I don't like the idea of always running on a treadmill either.  I like to be out on the road more often.  I have to leave the house around 6-6:15am so getting up early enough to run and come home and get ready (not to mention get Baby Girl ready) isn't a real option.  There is a good streetlight right by my house, but they are very sparce throughout the rest of the neighborhood.  Besides, I'm NOT a morning person!

:) I did manage to take my vitamins (Woman's One-A-Day) Mon-Fri so that is 5/6 (I don't count Saturday since I wasn't in a position to take them even if I had wanted to!)

:-/ Also, I was concerned about my sodium last week.  Of the days I logged I was only over on sodium one day - but I know I was also over yesterday as well based on what I ate.  5/7 days I was good on sodium.  I think I'm still going to watch it but maybe it was just an off week the week that it was so high.

 Next Week's Goals:

  1.  Re-run week 6 of the C25K.  I plan for M/W/F.  I would have to bring Baby Girl with me on Wednesday and probably Friday too but that's OK.
  2. Keep up the good work with the Vitamins. Takes 21 days to make a habit (and one day to break it) so I need to keep up with this habit!
  3. Log my food at least 4/7 days.  Logging everything every day is really tedious but I think if I log most days then I will at least be getting a good idea of what I'm eating.
  4. Read a book/take some pictures/do something fun for me once a day.  I am really upset right now over this bathroom scale refusing to move for the past several weeks and then moving UP this week, so I'm going to try to de-stress a bit by trying to take some "me" time every day this week.  Even if it is just a few minutes while Baby Girl is taking a nap.

Thoughts?   Comments?   Advice?   Help?

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Sarah@LowStressWeightLoss said...

First of all, I find it amazing (and a little warped) that you are running in such heat! Bravo for you, and double bravo for being smart enough to listen to your body & not force yourself to the schedule. When I did C25K I repeated weeks all the time.

I think weight fluctuates a lot for all of us, and there is no rhyme or reason a lot of time. There are also weight ranges where our body is extremely comfortable & it takes Extraordinary Effort to break out of.

My weight was strangely high on Monday for no reason - just part of life (and evil too, because my official weigh in day is Monday!)