Thursday, July 29, 2010

half marathon training

I have a friend who recently decided she wants to run her first half marathon! YAY!!! So together we planned to run a local half marathon at the end of November. She's not been real athletic and has proudly put herself in the "Couch Potato" category for several years in a row, so I started her off with the Couch to 5k (C25K) program from Cool Running this summer and told her to try to be up to about a 5K by the end of summer. My thought was that by the time school started we could choose one of the MANY half marathon training plans and go from there.

She is doing amazingly well and I'm so proud of the progress she has made, however she isn't up to 3 miles yet - but she's diligently working on it! School starts in a week and she is able to go about a mile and a half (at a 10 minute mile pace) which is SOOOOO much farther than she could go without stopping when she first started! ::Doin the happy dance for her cause her legs hurt right now::

I'm not too far ahead of her to be honest. Yes, I have done several full and half marathons, but I took about a year and a half off with myself squarely in the couch potato mode as well, so I too started using the C25K at the beginning of the summer too.  However, my body remembered it could run (hers never knew it could)so I am up to week 7 and running 2.5 miles or so (not counting the warm up/cool down).

This will be the first time I've trained for a race without a coach, (not to mention pretty much being someone else's coach!). With my other marathons/half marathons I usually did Galloway's 4:1 intervals and told my friend that it would probably be a good idea that we stick to some kind of interval for this race as well (I was thinking maybe hoping down to 3:1's or something if we needed to). We both have small babies at home making training a bit more tricky (and often need to run with the strollers). So my question to all of my running friends is...

Do you have any tips for us, and what is your favorite half marathon training program for a novice? Hal Higdon? Jeff Galloway?  Someone else? We have from now until the last weekend of November to train (about 16 weeks or so if I just counted correctly).  Thanks guys! :)

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jon said...


I am notg a runner. I walk a lot. I have done a 5k walk.
Advice: Walk!!!

Molly said...

I followed a plan from Runners World, three runs during the week, and a long on the weekend, and they got progressively longer week by week. 16 weeks is a good amount of time, that's great you can train together!