Saturday, July 10, 2010


I feel like one of the Miss USA winners....shaky hands covering my face, mouth open wide in disbelief, tears streaming down my face smearing my mascara...

OK, so maybe I'm not quite THAT excited.  But I am pretty darn excited.

I won a free pair of Yurbuds Earbud Enhancers for Hubby from Lacy!

It's the first ever giveaway that I've won from a blog :)  ::doin' the happy dance::

Thanks Lacy!!
What are Yurbuds?  Well since you asked... They are custom fitted earbud covers.  Guaranteed not to fall out of your ears while you run, jump, sweat, or are otherwise active.  Many people have trouble with standard earbuds, because, well, ears don't always come in standard sizes.  For example, Lacy's ears are small and my husband has larger than average ears.

How did I win?  I'm so glad you asked!  I won because I apparently made Lacy laugh.  I know, shocking, right?

To quote her quoting me,
"She entered on her husband's behalf and had the most comical quote describing his frustration.

'(He refers to his head as a taxicab with the doors open, calls his ears his satellites and explains that this is why he works at NASA...if he doesn't laugh at himself everyone else would).'

I laughed all week at the imagery and felt bad for my fellow struggler on the opposite end of the ear size battle."
So, in a nutshell (Help me, help me, I'm in a nutshell and I can't get out!), I won by making fun of my husband's ears.  Hey, it's nothing he hasn't said about himself.  I only quoted him :)

All we have to do is take a picture of one of his, with a quarter next to them in order to get this great gift.  So this afternoon I took said picture of my husband's ear.

Getting him to lay down was easy.  convincing him to let me take a picture of a quarter next to his ear without telling him why...that was a little more challenging.  "You're trying to prove how big my ears are aren't you?  Who were you making fun of my ears with, huh?"  LOL  (He said it while laughing, not in anger or annoyance...he knows I'm up to something but I won't tell him what!)

He never (OK, rarely) reads my blog so he probably won't know that they are coming until they are here.  Guess he should read my posts a little more often huh?  he he he (I love you, Baby!)

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Kwizgiver said...

Now those are the ear buds I need!

Congratulations on your win. :-D