Monday, July 5, 2010

Menu Planning Monday

Lets see how close I can get to following my plan this week....

Monday - I'm going to put my hubby to work and make him grill something yummy- his choice!  Maybe I'll make some Roasted Broccoli or Herb Roasted Vegetables to go with whatever he makes.

Tuesday - Spaghetti, garlic bread, salad

Wednesday -My favorite meatloaf, shells and cheese, leftover roasted broccoli (if there is any!)

Thursday - Rehearsal Dinner for a wedding that my husband is in.

Friday - Wedding Day!  Reception will be our dinner!

Saturday - Cheesy Crock pot Chicken, green beans

Sunday - CORN*

Lunches are usually me on my own so, for the exception of Thursday and Friday which will probably be lunch out at a restaurant since we will be at a hotel, I will probably grab leftovers, a sandwich, or something light like a salad. 

Also...Did you notice the widget on the left hand side yet?  You can see my latest workout and stats :)  COOL!!

OrgJunkie has more recipes/menus to look at, and all of my recipes are always found HERE

*Clean Out the Refrigerator Night


M @ Betty Crapper said...

meatloaf with pineapple preserves sounds interesting. Is the meatloaf super sweet?

have a great week.

Cole said...

The pineapple goes in a glaze that gets put over is really good, and yes, sweet :)