Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I (almost) stuck to a menu plan last week, but that is only because most of my week was non-committal with "leftovers or something" while I was on my own. Since hubby is often either deployed or gone for some training or some such, I really need some single-gal recipes. I hate making a full thing of anything knowing I won't eat it all. I'm very picky about leftovers. If they taste like leftovers I tend to not eat them and I don't want to be wasteful so when it is just me, I tend to go with cereal, sandwiches, I had just a bag of popcorn one night. Please, please, please, if anyone has any great single portion meals/recipes... share them?

I did manage to make the cheesy chicken and rice casserole..but I altered it a bit to use what we had here. I had a package of knorr Broccoli Cheese Rice so I used that instead of regular rice, and instead of regular mixed veggies (ya know the kind with peas, corn, carrots...) I had a thing of vegetable gumbo which included corn, okra, celery and red peppers. Of course, there was also the broccoli from the rice as well. It turned out REALLY well. Hubby and I loved it! Super easy too.

I didn't make the dip for my spa party because I didn't have very many people who had committed to coming. I had a fruit tray, some trail mix, and a bowl of left over Halloween candy out for everyone which seemed to be plenty.

I went home this weekend and while I was there picked a large bag of oranges from my family's grove. I love to peal and eat an orange but I'm going to have to do a bit of research and see what yummy things I can find to make with them! If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Until then, they make a greak snack just the way they are now (well, peeled of course)

I'm again not so sure about this week. I don't want to go grocery shopping again and I'm not so good at creating my own things with what I have yet so I'm going to have to do some digging and thinking.
Monday - Out to dinner
That's all I know so far. The rest of the week will be CORN (Clean Out the Refrigerator Night) as I try to empty the pantry and fridge a bit. This is going to be interesting because as I have gotten better at following a recpe, but using what I have and "creating" something with the stuff already there isn't my strong point. We'll see what happens! While I'm asking suggestions for single serving meals and oranges I guess I may as well ask for this too... Any tips on doing with what you already have or does it just come with time?
I'm heading over to Orgjunkie to see what theyare planning, maybe I'll get inspired!


Suldog said...

Well, one of my favorites (for when MY WIFE is not home) is simple enough, but maybe not everyone's love. I very much enjoy macaroni with plain tomatoes. Cook the macaroni, heat up a can of peeled tomatoes, drain the mac, pour the tomatoes over (you might wish to slice the tomatoes first.) Great comfort food, for me.

Cole said...

Hmm that sounds good! Hubby detests tomatos so this would be a perfect thing for me when he isn't home!

kayder1996 said...

Don't know if you are familiar with the Taste of Home magazines or not but they have special ones that are called Cooking for 2. Normal recipes that are downsized for two people...if you google Taste of Home I'm sure you could find out more.

Teresa said...

Another alternative is to prep a dish with the normal number of servings but prior to cooking put 1/2 of it in the freezer. That would basically be the same as cooking once but eating twice from the same meal without the leftover taste. Lasagna and things like that freeze beautifully. If using pasta slightly under cook it so once it's warmed up it won't be mushy. Word to the wise, potatoes don't freeze well unless covered with sauce and then sometimes not well either.

mvlegacy said...

Hot Dogs
French Toast
Chimichangas (I bake mine in the oven and they freeze nicely. I make them...freeze them...and then you can only pull out as many as you need. That is the recipe I use.)
Potato Soup
Bean Burritos
Baked Potatoes (I've started cooking one up in the microwave during the day for me while my husband is at tastes great with a little bit of salt, cheese and ranch dressing.)
Sloppy Joes
Fried Linguini (Cook some pasta. Put a little bit of oil in a pan...saute some veggies [your favorites] and meat...add pasta...add alfredo sauce...this is one of our favorite meals.)

savvysuzie said...

As far as cooking for one, if you have the space try making a favorite casserole and freezing in single portions - that way you have something quick and easy to eat! I also have a recipe on my site recipe site for Bee Rocks (they're like homemade hot pockets) that we keep on hand for quick lunches on the go.