Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Zombie Attack!

My hubby and his buddies all have bug-out gear in case all hell breaks loose and we suddenly need to trek across the state (or country) with only what we can carry on our backs. It's the military in them I suppose :) One of the things they constantly make sure they are prepared for is a zombie attack. The theory is, if you are prepared for a zombie attack, you are prepared for anything this world can throw at you! This comes, in part, from the book World War Z by Max Brooks, which I am told chronicles a zombie apocalypse (I haven't actually read it, but Hubby has).

I saw this quiz on another blog and had to laugh, immediately bringing thoughts of my Hubby and his best friend sitting on the floor of my living room (and the BF's living room too)surrounded with all sorts of survival equipment packing and re-packing their bug-out bags until they are just right. I answered these questions according to me as I know I am. The me that would react if hubby or his friends weren't here, but still knowing what I know based off of either my own experience growing up as a "redneck" child, as well as from my husband's instruction. Some of the questions I know (or at least think I know) what the "correct" answer was, but I also know me, so I put what I would probably naturally do. 56% chance of survival isn't too bad I suppose. I figured it would be higher with "Hubby and Company" around to check and secure the perimeter for me so I then went back and I answered the questions the way I think Hubby would answer them, suddenly I had an 84% chance of survival! haha Yup, he's living longer than me in a Zombie Attack!

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