Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Teaser

Well, I'm crashing. Last week at this time I was jonesing, then I got my books and I was on a high again, now I'm done with the series and I'm crashing :( Now what? LOL I feel so lost! I guess I could head over to Stephanie Meyer's website and read all the outtakes and the first few chapters of her unfinished book Midnight Sun that some inconsiderate fool put out on the web before she was ready for it to be published (She is now unsure if she will ever finish it, but knows that curiosity will kill the cat so re-published the already leaked portions on her webpage).

Just before I finished reading the final book, I saw Lisa in the hallway.

me: "A ___________?!?!? What is that all about??" (not wanting to give away too much here >wink<)
her: "haha! You're already to that point?"
me: Laughing "Yeah, you sucked me in, it's all your fault, ya know."
her: "Yep! Has ________ left yet?" (Again, not spoiling it all here)
me: Frowning "Yes"
her: giggle
me: "It's killing me to not ask you what's going on with that."
her: "I wouldn't tell you anyway, Mrs. A!"

UGH, I've taught her too well! :)

Here are the teasers for the 3rd and 4th books in the Twilight Series.

From page 377 of Eclipse:

" She looked right at me as soon as I called her name, despite the thudding bass that should have drowned my voice. I waved eagerly, and watched her face as she took in the three werewolves leaning over me."

From page 376 of Breaking Dawn:

"The fire blazed hotter and I wanted to scream. To beg for someone to kill me now before I lived one more second in this pain. But I couldn't move my lips."

To see my review of the move based on Twilight, go here. Careful though, there are spoilers!!

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