Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Menu Planining

Not much cooking got done last week for one reason or another. We went to the buffet down the road twice (one planned and once we were out and were right next door to it when we realized it was late and neither of us wanted to cook). Hubby made veal one night but I wasn't feeling well so I didn't eat any. Friday we went to see Twilight and ate at the mall while we were there. Maybe some more coking will happen this week even with Thanksgiving thrown in there.

Monday - 10 minute Salsa Chicken

Tuesday - Pizza Pinwheels

Wednesday- Hamburgers on the grill

Thursday- THANKSGIVING DAY! :) Gobble Gobble Gobble Going to Grandma's house!

Friday - Leftover's from all the goodies at Grandma's house

Saturday- Kielbasa Sausage and Mac n Cheese

Sunday- My birthday! :) Dinner out!

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